Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October

I took this picture September 29th, 2007. Can I just say that I am so glad we made it to October this year without having it snow at my house. Thank you.

snow on 9/29/07

Also -- yay that playoff baseball starts today. Go Angels!

mason as a catcher


  1. Oh my. Thank goodness it did not snow this week. How sad....

    We are going apple picking today at 3:45 if you want to come!


  2. Because you you guys, I'll be rooting for the Halos in the AL... (I'm an NL "Go Phils!" guy...).

  3. That game we went to was the 2nd to the last so it was the one where they lost :( Bummer.

  4. Well, conference weekend is this coming weekend, and as everyone knows "When the Mormons meet, the heavens weep", so expect snow....or at least a ton of rain!

  5. Hooray for the Angels! And the weather :)

  6. Morning,
    Just doing my daily check of your blog.

    xo Rika

  7. Oh my gosh, is that Mason???? Hahaa how cute!!! And this morning driving to work, i saw snow in the mountains! Yuck!!

  8. I am glad it didn't snow yet, but I have to admit..Utah fall's ARE THE BEST! I wish we were up there so bad!

    Mason is SO CUTE! That baby pic in the Angel's outfit and the older pics at sunday brunch are to die for. I just want to squeeze him and kiss those cheeks ;)!

    I got my capes today and I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much! I am saving them for Christmas presents so it will be awhile before they will make a picture debut, but stay tuned. Thanks again!

  9. Very cute. Looks like lots of rain.

  10. OK - I've checked your blog 2x this week... what, are you ALWAYS sewing capes? Sorry, no orders on my end YET. - Jen



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