Friday, October 24, 2008


The other day we had Mason's 3 little friends over to decorate Halloween cookies. I absolutely love this little group of toddlers we hang out with. The 4 of them are all within a few months of each other and get along really well. Plus I love all their cool mamas. :)

Mason and I made the sugar cookies the night before - he LOVED being able to stand up on a chair to reach the counter and roll out the dough and press the cookie cutter down. He was pretty impatient while they were baking - but he kept walking over to the oven to check on them. We got our table all ready before the kids came over with frosting, sprinkles and candy for the cookies.


The kids came over and they played with toys for a little while, and then Mason asked them if they were ready for "cookies!?". He just KNEW what was coming:

a sprinkle on the cookie ...

This! He did pretty good frosting and putting sprinkles on ... but he then started only wanting to eat the candy corn and the frosting straight out of the bowl. I helped him frost a few cookies, but he wanted to do all the decorating himself.


All the kids did really good, actually. Some wanted to just eat the cookies :) and some concentrated really hard on frosting. They all actually stayed a lot cleaner and lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. You just never know with 2 year olds.


the fun begins

Mason's finished cookies, not bad for his first time ever! Everyone wanted to eat them - it was a miracle that any lasted 4 days later for Daddy when he got home from San Diego!


And all the kiddos ... 4 toddlers and 1 baby sister. :)

mason & friends

P.S. Heather, Emily and Rika - you all need to get a blog!


  1. So totally true on the blog thing! We had a great time making the cookies. Thanks for sharing the pics. Too cute!

  2. So cute. Wish we could be there too. We miss Rika and would love to meet you!

  3. Love this blog entry. The shots are awesome, of course.

    We had so much fun. I am already thinking.....hmm, fall crafts?!

    We have such a great little group. I feel so lucky.

    xo Rika and girls

  4. Your friends don't have blogs???? They need to!!!

    I am so glad that it all turned out so fun for the kiddos. Love all o your decorations. Those mats are so cute, Target???

  5. Emily: I thought you were getting a blog?!

    Erin: We love Rika!

    Rika: Can't wait to see your pics.

    Darc: Most of my friends do have blogs, just not these 3 slackers. :) Rikas husband has one, though.

  6. Hey Erin~I'm still trying to come up w a great name for my blog. It's all in a name. I'll be starting one soon. I realize that I needed to start one, like 10 yrs ago. :)

  7. What a cute idea!! They look yummy!!

  8. Hey! It's been a while since I've gotten on blogs. Fun to see all you've been up to. Congrats on the invite to the craft show. Hope it went well. That's quite the compliment. By the way, I love the way your pics look. I need to ask you some things, so email me... please.



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