Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cape News

I haven't written anything about capes on here for awhile ... it's because I've been too busy sewing and making capes! I swear - 3 months ago (has it really only been 3 months?!) when I started Plum Pear Apple and started making and selling my Superhero Capes I NEVER imagined it would be like this. It is crazy! Crazy that so many people would want to buy something I make. I've never been a typical crafty / artsy person, so to have fallen into this is just amazing to me.


It's a lot of work. I am constantly thinking about what I need to do for capes - go to the fabric store, answer customer emails, take pictures/upload/edit/post pictures of capes and new fabric, purchase supplies, order new business cards/fabric labels, write orders down, precut/wash/iron/fold/cut fabric for capes, cut emblems and letters from felt, hand embroider the emblems, write blog posts, contact and respond to advertisers and review blogs, package capes/address boxes, go to the post office and actually SEW capes. This is probably a full time job PLUS some.


I'm not complaining - like I said, it's amazing to me that people like what I came up with and want to spend their hard earned dollars on it. I just feel overwhelmed and hate the fact that sometimes I let things slide -- not answering emails as quickly as I'd like, for example, or letting my shower go unscrubbed for weeks at a time. Balancing family time and cape time is a delicate juggling act -- I already feel bad when I do cape stuff when Mason is awake, because I feel like I should be spending that time with him, but with him getting older and taking shorter naps, there are just literally not enough hours in the day to do sewing during ONLY the times he's asleep. I'm lucky that I can do a lot of stuff that is "portable" - working on the laptop or sewing on the couch - while he's by me. But he is a toddler, and wants to see what I'm doing or "help" me. He is learning, though, not to pick up the rotary cutter or play with the pins or push the foot pedal on the sewing machine.

I had a FUN project recently that I just finished. I was hired to do an adult custom cape that was a HUGE undertaking - but it turned out amazing. I can't spill too many details about it just yet (wait for a post on November 4th, hint hint) but I have a sneak peek I can share:

sneak peek

Something else super fun and exciting -- my capes were published in a magazine! It was just a little local area Phoenix magazine called "Chosen" - but it has a big readership in the area and I've already gotten some orders from people that saw it. And it's SO cool to see my capes in print. I'm still waiting for the publisher to send me a copy, but a kind customer sent me a little picture she scanned for me. (LOL - they called me a designer!)


And I have some other crazysuperwonderfulscarynerveracking news that I just found out about today: I was invited to be a vendor in the Oh Sweet Sadie! Art and Gift Show here in Utah. This is a huge deal to me - I'm so excited and scared! If you don't know about it - it's basically a big craft show featuring local artisans and crafters selling everything from handmade quilts, candles, hostess aprons, vinyl wall art, clothing, candy, baby blankets, etc. It is a huge group of VERY talented men and women. I am going to feel so out of place. It's one of the biggest shows in Utah - and it's in less than a month. Oh, yay. I'm doing the Bountiful show on November 20th, 21st, and 22nd. (There's also shows in Draper and Daybreak the weekend before and after.)


Talk about having NO idea what I'm in for. I have to come up with everything -- my display, a sign with my logo, how I'm going to label and price-tag my items. Then there is the whole dilema that my product right now is strictly a made-to-order item. But I need to have ready-made items up on display for purchase! I need to think a lot about this. It's GREAT exposure and a wonderful thing to be a part of!


So much going on -- you can see why I have been neglecting this blog and getting behind on reading and commenting on yours. So sorry!


  1. I wish I was in Utah to go to the craft show, it looks awesome! I know it will be a stresser, but I know it will be fun and exciting. Can't wait to see the finished product on Nov. 4th!

  2. Wonderful news! Congratulations! I guess I was way off in my guess ;)

  3. Well that is just amazing Erin! You deserve it. My kids LOVE theirs and play together so cute in their little superhero capes. You are amazing and so very talented. I know you are busy, but you have some great things coming your way! Congratulations!!!!


  4. Oh oh oh, let me know when the Bountiful one is and i will come say hi!!

  5. SO COOL! I went to both Sadie shows in September and kept thinking that YOU and your CAPES should be there. :) CONGRATS!! And good luck with the balancing act--I'm sure you'll figure it out and everything will work out somehow. I'm happy for you. :)

  6. Congrats! That is so AWESOME! Aubrey wears her cape all the time. And after seeing your new fabric, I can't wait to have you make another one! Don't worry; I'll wait until next year :)

  7. Darc: You would love it. They've got so much cute stuff to buy.

    Erin: Thanks!

    Kerryne: Thanks :)

    Jill: It's on those 3 dates that I posted. It's a Thursday, Friday and Saturday - I'm only doing the Bountiful one and not the Draper/Daybreak one. I may need you to go check up on my stuff for me since I won't be there all day all 3 days. ;)

    Brooke: Thanks. I'm hoping it will work out!

    Emily: Aw, I'm so glad Aubs loves hers. By the way, Mason has been calling Aubrey, Aubs.

  8. WOWSA!! Great things are happening for you!

    I am so excited :)

  9. You are talented! Yeah for business Mommies.


  10. What an awesome opportunity, Erin! I knew it was only a matter of time. Good luck getting ready for this...can't wait to see what you come up with.



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