Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday brunch.

So I'm really trying to make this blog a priority again. It kind of fell by the wayside as I was slammed recently with Superhero capes ... not to say I'm caught up - oy. But it's managed chaos now. Teetering on the brink chaos, but still.

This weekend we went to a fancy-schmancy Sunday brunch with my family. Marc didn't get to go because he was in New York -- and he missed out! We had a great meal with things like crab-stuffed mushrooms, cheese blintzes, eggs benedict, creme brulee, and a chocolate fountain. And giant giant shrimp.


And then Mason discovored he likes to play Backgammon. With dice. Does Backgammon use dice? In Mason's version it does. I really have no idea - who asked me? Also notice how we're really going for the 80's bowl cut hair look now.


It was freezing outside but Mason insisted on taking Uncle Cale for a run down the really, really steep mountain. See the mischevious look on his face? Two seconds after this picture was taken he was allll the way at the bottom of the hill by those bushes.


It was such a pretty day and a fun way to spend the morning. Can't complain too much about having such a beautiful place nearby to go visit.



  1. Oooo that brunch sounds YUMMY! And yes, backgammon is played with dice. Tell Mason I will take him on any day :)

  2. What beautiful images! And by the way, I got your cards...thanks for doing that!

  3. Addy and I just looked at your blog - which we check daily. Addy said "there mase. Hi Mason."

    xo Rika and girls

  4. Shrimp sounds so yummy especially from that cute picture. Who cut his hair?? When?? Did Marc cut his?

  5. Could your pictures be more amazing??? Sounds like a fabulous brunch. Mason is such a cute kid. I dream of having kids with hair like that.

  6. Oh my gosh...looking at that picture of Mas i could go back and look at family pictures of Doug or Cale with the same hair cut!! Heehee How cute!!!

  7. Boy can I relate to chaos! I love Mason's hair...don't ever change it!

  8. Such great pictures! Sounds like fun. Mason is such a cutie!!



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