Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sundance 2009?

I am trying to decide if I should volunteer again this year at the Sundance Film Festival. I did it last year and I loved it ... I met a lot of great people that I am still in touch with, and got to see some great films. Mostly just being up in Park City in that fun festival atmosphere was awesome. Meeting and talking to Tony Hale was a personal highlight, too. Hey, Brother ....

I think if I do volunteer again I will go to a different department. Last year I worked in the Merchandise department, so I was working retail basically at a souvenir shop. It was really fun and I loved doing that, but I want to do something more film oriented. The alumni volunteers get dibs on all the best jobs so I should take advantage of that and do something really cool, like be an usher or ticket taker -- that is where ALL the celebrity sightings happen!

street banners

You can click on the picture of the banner to see my set of pictures from Sundance last year.


  1. Oooo I would SO do it. But I love me some celebrities!

    I say go for it!

  2. Hey Brother!!! You never told me that you talked to him, so jealous, but I would have chickened out and never talked to him so luckily it was you. I would be uncomfortable around all the celebrities and that would make me not do it, but if you can I totally would, awesome experience.

  3. I say, "go for it" because that means I get to babysit Mason. Maybe G&G would let us stay up at their house, depending on your schedule. meemaw

  4. I didn't know you did that?! So cool. How are you? Miss ya.


  5. You should totally volunteer. I volunteer at the Egyptian, and it's the best. (Sorry for the blogstalk--this is Ashley Durham, Heidi's sister, and I absolutely love your blog(s), by the way. Looks like you're doing well!)

  6. Hello!!!
    I was searching about sundance 2009 and found your blog. My name is Branca and I am from Brazil, I am going to park city this week. I´ll be in town friday. I am so nervous, I really would like to work at the sundance. Can you help me with some tips? My e-mail is!
    Contact me ok?

  7. Oh I got a flickr



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