Thursday, September 18, 2008


Marc had to go to Connecticut this weekend for work. He of course finagled it so that he could go to a Yankee game tonight and then drive to the work conference tomorrow. He's wanted to go to a game at Yankee stadium his whole life, and considering that the last game EVER to be played at the old Yankee stadium is this Sunday - he's getting in just under the wire.

He just landed in NYC and sent me this picture from his iPhone.

I'm a little nervous because he has to get a rental car and get himself from La Guardia, to the stadium, then on the freeway and up to CT. He's got 2 GPS devices and lots of maps - so hopefully he'll be ok - he's not the most -- let's say -- directionally inclined person. :)

Have fun, honey!


  1. He will be fine, but I would worry too. Love all the pics that you sent me, he is doing a good job of taking pics.

  2. P.S. I still don't know if I can forgive him for being a Yankee fan though.

  3. Cool and what luck to go for the last game!

  4. Love his pictures...hope they'll be more coming from his trip home. Was he able to get a few souvenirs from the ballpark? Glad that he got to see the park before it's torn down...another park to add to his list of "have-seens".

  5. NYC is so amazing! Rett and I went for his birthday back in 2005 and it was really fun and neat to go to a Yankees game! Also one of Retts dreams!:) Too bad you couldn't have gone with him!!...couldn't he have finagled that too some how???? :)

  6. I hope he has the best time ever. I am counting down the days until my trip. I miss it so :)

  7. How fun for your hubby--you guys are BIG baseball fans! (I am sure you are thinking "that is an understatement!")

    Happy Anniversary--loved that post. I think my grandma kept my top tier and they ate it :).



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