Sunday, September 14, 2008



8 years today. Happy Anniversary, babe. Marc and I got married in Utah on a Thursday night and then drove to California (I was moving to California!) the day after (Friday). On Saturday night we had another reception in California -- so I got to wear my dress twice! I was so happy about that. On Sunday we had a huge family day at Disneyland and then on Monday we finally left for our honeymoon. Here are a few things I'll always remember about that crazy weekend:

- walking down the aisle (aka side of the mountain) barefoot because I was afraid I was going to fall in my heels (which I so would have!)

- my new brother in law passing out as soon as the ceremony was over because he was so hot in his tux

- taking pictures and the photographer almost falling into the river

- lots of fun dancing and good songs (my father in law lip syncing to N'Sync's Bye Bye Bye is particularily memorable!)

- the cute speech Marc gave

- Marc and his friends' John Travolta dancing that he now regrets because he is requested to do it at EVERY wedding reception now

- all the good friends and family that came from far away to see us

- all the good food at our reception at Log Haven (bloody beef! - LOL!), none of which we got to eat! We stopped for fast food on the way out

- the drive to California with our cars packed full of my stuff and wedding presents

- seeing our new apartment in California for the first time - Marc picked it out all himself. That was a little nerve racking!

- all the delicious food at the California reception - we were smart and actually ATE at that one!

- having another great DJ and fun dancing at the 2nd reception -- our family likes to DANCE!

But the BEST thing about our wedding (or scariest?!):

You know the tradition that you save the top of your wedding cake to eat on your 1st anniversary? Well, we wanted to do that so we had our cake all boxed up and wrapped. It made the move with us to California to our first apartment, then a few months later to our 2nd apartment. Our 1st anniversary was September 14th, 2001, just a few days after 9/11. We kind of forgot about the cake and just left it in our freezer. A few weeks later we saw it and just thought "oh, well, we'll save it for our 2nd anniversary". 2nd anniversary comes and goes, so does 3rd, 4th, 5th ...

Guess what is STILL sitting in the SAME box in our freezer downstairs!? Yup, the top tier of our wedding cake. At this point I'm a little scared to open it and see what's inside. It's now made 5 moves with us, been from Utah, to California, and back to Utah, been in numerous freezers, probably been thawed/refrozen a number of times .. but it still sits in the corner of our freezer in it's little aluminum-foil wrapped box. Every so often (mostly during moves or freezer clean-outs) we consider throwing it away or opening it up to look at it .. but we just can't bring ourselves to. It's kind of a fun little thing that we have going and neither of us wants to break the tradition. So maybe for our 10th? Or 25th? We shall see!


  1. Happy Anniversary Singletons. Hope you have/had a great day!

    PLEASE open the box. I want to hear what the cake looks like. Hey, I bet Mason or Newton will eat it.


  2. Happy Anniversary.

    This is unrelated, but I grew a TON of jalapenos. You can have some if you like. Let me know.

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  4. Hey Erin!
    Happy Anniversary! Love the pic. I can't believe it's been 8 yrs!!! WOW!

    That's my deleted comment. I was just trying to get Joel's user name off of it ("jmc...") and put my user name on it. all well. beautiful dress!!


  5. Congratulations! Me and my wife are blowing out two candles in exactly two months!


  6. Oh, happy anniversary! This is such a fantastic post - what wonderful memories!

    My brother and his wife had their cake topper recreated by the baker - they only took one bite of the frozen one for tradition's sake!

  7. yeah we forgot about our cake (or were too busy moving here and there) until anniversary #6 or so....but it was still good, even after many freezer changes!

    happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary. Small world, my hubby and I celebrate 8 years on Sept 16th!

  9. We did the same thing with the cake and just finally threw it away a couple of years ago without eating it we were scared also. Doesn't 8 years seem like forever, yet it got here so fast?

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  11. Happy Anniversary!

    We have the same one btw. ha ha Except mine was 2002. So only 6 years for me and the hub.

  12. Happy Anniversary....

    I'd wait 2 more years...and try the cake at your 10th Anniversary!! :)

  13. What a gorgeous couple!! Happy Anniversary!
    It was fun to have lunch - we need to do that more often :)

  14. That photo is just lovely! Happy Anniversary!

    And I don't think you should ever open that cake. At this rate it may turn into another species ;)

  15. Happy Anniversary! Great memories :)

  16. Happy anniversary!! I can't believe it...where does time go??
    We saved our cake and tried to eat part of it on some random date about 2 years after...and it was soooooo gross!! I would say keep it as long as you long as stuff isn't growing from it or on it!!:)

  17. I remember your wedding in the mountains. It was so beautiful. A few years back I went go up that canyon to attend Cub Scout camp (three years in a row) and I always am reminded of that beautiful day you two had together. Congratulations!!

  18. Wow! Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple you are! We need to get together some time.



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