Sunday, August 24, 2008

more cape stuff.

Even though I'm on vacation I'm still consumed by cape stuff. I don't know why I though I'd get a break from it all (ha ha). I am still responding to emails confirming new orders, answering questions, and replying to people asking me to donate a cape for their giveaway or review (which I'm super thankful for -- what a compliment!! -- but there are only so many capes I can do for "free" to donate, you know?)

simple mom

One I just had to be involved in though was the giveaway at If you don't know about her website, you are missing out. it's beautifully designed and has a ton of great information. Check out her section with the downloads she so generously shares. She's doing a giveaway this weekend that is 7 prizes all going to ONE winner -- and GREAT prizes, too. I'm so honored to be included among these other well-established and amazing boutiques and websites! You can read about and enter the giveaway here (ends tomorrow)!

Two of my most recent Superheroes are Holly's adorable kids, Will and Connor. I posted about them already over at Plum Pear Apple, but I had to show this adorable picture here, too. Aren't these Super Brothers just so dang cute!?


I am so ready to be home. Even with Mason being as good as a traveler as he is, I think we're all ready to be in our own beds and to get life back to (somewhat) normal.


  1. And we're ready for you to be home, too. Life has been dull around here the last few weeks....See you on Thursday
    Love, meemaw

  2. Hiya,
    Entered giveaway.

    We miss you!
    xo Rika

  3. Ohhh that is the cutest picture of those little boys in the capes! Man i think i need some sleep or something...because it made me teary!!

  4. Ok, I am ordering the capes right now. I have been trying to find a minute to do it and we have arrived!!

    Love the "Pirates" pic--it is my boys' favorite ride too!! Glad you are having fun, but I know how it is when you are ready to come home from vacation :).

  5. You should write a book about all this. You have the touch you know.

  6. check this link:

    you two should work together!!!!



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