Saturday, August 16, 2008

made it.

Mason and I left on Thursday morning to drive down to Cedar City, Utah, to meet up with Darci and Brett where they were staying at her parents house. It was a great drive and we got there pretty quickly.

on the drive.

We spent the night in Cedar and then woke up early the next morning to make the drive home to Southern California. 6.5 hours later with plenty of fruit snacks, viewings of Backyardigans, and books read -- we made it.

hi there.

Now we're just relaxing and both kids are napping and both Darc and I are sitting here on our laptops and watching the Angels game on TV and eating Chipoltle and it just feels like home again. Yay.


  1. But it feels "empty" in Utah....Hope you have a good time, anyway.

    Miss you, meemaw

  2. The poor kid need the hair out of his eyes! heehee



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