Wednesday, August 20, 2008

beach day


We're having a great time in California -- enjoying the nice (not too hot!) weather and playing with Gwenie and Darci. Today we went to Newport Beach (our old hang out!) to play in the sand and the water. Mason loved to dig in the sand with the beach toys .. but he also loved to chase the seagulls -- he ran up and down the beach forever trying to catch them (why?!).

chasing the birds.

He was a little wary of the water and getting near it without me close by.

watching the surfers

But then he realized that the tide was pretty fun to play in and even dared to sit down while it rushed over his legs:

loved the rush of the tide.

He loved watching the surfers and the family of dolphins that was swimming just offshore.


He was not too fond of being buried in the sand:

where'd he go?

But it was all worth it when we stopped for In-n-Out on the way home. (Cheeseburger-no-tomato-with-onions-fries-large-Dr.-Pepper for me and a grilled cheese for him). So worth it. Nothing tastes better straight from the salty and sandy beach than a Double Double. Nothing.

the only thing appropriate after the beach:  grilled cheese from in-n-out


  1. Oh, I so miss being at the beach with you...not that it was that often, but it was that much fun. Sounds and looks like you guys had a ball. Your pictures are great, as usual.

  2. So cute! A trip to the beach sounds heavenly!

  3. oh those pictures - that beach - those burgers!

    I'm almost ready to drive to st. george just to get myself an in-and-out fix.

    mmmmm, animal style.

  4. Ahh -- the beach and In-N-Out.... can it get much better! Great pictures!

  5. Hi Mason,
    I am looking at your pictures. I keep saying "mas, car seat."

    Have fun in Cali. Hang ten brah.

    When do you come home? I miss you. And I wish I could be at the beach with you.

    xo xo Adelaide

  6. In the picture with Mason's back to you and he's facing the ocean... SO SURFER DUDE.

    Great pics, Erin! Glad you are having a blast!

    (PS Liam is getting his cape Saturday! I am pairing it with two superhero action figures - think he is gonna love it!)

  7. I am so jealous. The beach AND In-N-Out Burgers?


    And I'm on the other side of the country from one and three hours from the other.

    I am very discontented with my lot in life all of a sudden.


  8. Cute pics! What a beautiful day at the makes me homesick!

  9. Wow looks great. Hey quick question. Where did you get the html code for a button and for a banner? I am trying to make one and am not sure where to find it? Sorry if it is a silly question.


  10. What fantastic pics! It looks like Mason is having a blast :)



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