Saturday, August 9, 2008

another round up.

Even though life lately has been capes, capes, capes we have still had time to do a lot of fun things. We went to the bird aviary which was AWESOME ... although Marc was encouraging us not to go since he is terrified of birds (ha ha ha!) and trying to get Mason to be the same. I didn't get any pictures of the birds, but one of the cute kiddos:

at the aviary.

We've also been to the farm, where Mason didn't want to get off the tractor:


and then also loved hanging out in the tree house with the girl that he just adores, Addy:

in the treehouse.

We went to our family reunion:


Notice Mason's hair is getting out. of. control. He keeps getting mistaken for a girl again. This happened a few months ago all the time also. What is it? Just the longer hair on a boy in general, people aren't used to seeing so they just automatically think girl? Is it the pink glittery skirts I make him wear? REALLY PEOPLE most days he's in a polo or a shirt with a baseball on it ... I mean I'm all for girls wearing polos and baseball shirts - but really, HE'S A BOY.

And it's been hot outside so we've been doing a lot of arting and crafting inside in the a/c:

coloring & stickering



We love the cool triangle crayons! They don't roll off the tables! So smart.

Tomorrow morning I take Marc to the airport early and then it will be almost 3 weeks until we see him again - since Mase and I head to California before he gets back, and then he doesn't join us in California for another week or so. It's going to be the longest that he's ever been away from me, let alone Mason. I feel bad for him because he's going to be all alone on a business trip in North Carolina and then all alone here at home.

I hate when our little family isn't together for any amount of time. I love the little threesome that we are together and it just doesn't feel right to have him not be with us. Plus the fact that means that I'm having to be the parent 24/7 and that gets frustrating and tiresome at times. Marc is such a good, involved Dad when he is here that I really miss him when he's gone. At least once we meet up in California again he doesn't have any more trips for work until October. Yay!


  1. How do people think Mason's a girl? He doesn't look like Kate Hudson's son. (Seriously. That's really long hair.) Celine Dion's son also looks like a girl.

    I also am scared of birds.


  2. What great pics! You are a wonderful photographer!

    And we love the triangle crayons, too!

  3. That black and white pic is just priceless!

    Okay I have to admit it...I'm a total dork. I saw the triangle crayons the other day at Wal-Mart and it didn't even occur to me that they wouldn't ROLL. All I could think about was "how do you sharpen those things?".

    Ditto on Kate's son Ryder...he totally looks like a girl!

  4. What kind of camera do you have, Erin? Your pictures are amazing!

  5. Looove the black and white photo!!

  6. OK, Mason is so stinkin' cute! He does not look like a girl...people would think Taylor was a boy because she had no hair (of course she was always decked out in pink). Anyway, I can't get over those cheeks on Mason's cute face. He reminds me of my Blakey...I want to pinch 'em and kiss 'em.

  7. I didn't know about the triangle crayons. I will so have to get those, great invention. Love the pic of the crayons.

    Don't forget that I will be around and that I will help you out and it won't seem like you are a solo parent so much!!!

  8. Erin, I adore your photography. And your capes are adorable, too.

  9. noah's hair is getting a bit wiley & out of control but like mason he wears "boyish" clothing & still gets mistaken for a girl. ugh. people, seriously?

    i want to let it grow out all cute a la kingston rossdale but i have a feeling we might just chop it. i will be sad to see it go since he's never had even a trim!

    believe it or not, i was looking for triangle crayons a few months ago. i remembered them from my childhood & that they were easier for little chubby fingers to hold but i could not for the life of me find them anywhere. the hunt continues!

  10. Mason does not look like a girl at all. I think people are rude. We have the triangle crayons too and I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who didn't even ponder the fact that it keeps them from rolling.

  11. ok.. I'm catching up from my week away from the net.

    Mason is a gorgeous child. PERIOD.

    your pictures make me want to bring my kids to your house and throw cookies at you until I, too, can have such a wonderful collection of images of them. seriously? your pics are THAT good that I could just as well hang pictures of Mason in my house and call it good, too. but I WOULD be willing to come to you. ;)

  12. Ug, sorry, tried to comment and messed it up.

    I love that last picture of him over the crayons; that should totally be in a magazine!



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