Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I Love: July

Swimming toddlers.

Homemade grilled pineapple and mango salsa.

Baby Angel games.

Boys that like baseball.

Watching fireworks.

Little Superheroes.

Homemade pizza at a dinner party.


Our neighborhood.

Slides. (aka "whee!'s")

This boy, looking older everyday.

This view.

Spaghetti dinners.



  1. Looks very nice indeed. I am green. Rica's friend from Carlsbad.

  2. I know, don't you just love the summer?!? I know we will be ready for winter soon because it is just so hot, but I love all the stuff that you can do in the summer. He is getting older, isn't it sad?

  3. Oh My!
    Beautiful pictures and your son is so handsome!

  4. hi, i'm rika's friend. i just wanted to write because a few days ago i did a few days worth of what i love... a little more verbose. i think i like your picture version better. but i thought it was funny that someone else, at the same time, was also inclined to just put it up there-- what makes us sing.

  5. I love your neighborhood...it looks beautiful! I want the recipe for that grilled pineapple salad...yumm!!

  6. I love the girl behind Mason at the Bees game! Heehee
    Cute pictures! We are getting old aren't we??

  7. These are such fun pictures. It makes me want summer to last forever. I'll remember to come back and read this post when were in the depths of winter again. Mason really is looking SO grown up!

  8. Jill: I know, I was dying laughing when I saw her in the background. We have been referring to quasimodo all week in our house.

  9. Great shots, Erin! Mason is sucha a cutie! My Liam had rolls like Mason had when he was little. His rolls had rolls. SO sad my little guy is all thinning out now and almsot FOUR.

    Ilove SUMMER too - when it stops raining/storming daily or being kazillion percent humidity.

  10. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.



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