Wednesday, July 2, 2008

state capitol.

The other day we were downtown and decided to stop at the Utah State Capitol building. It's a very pretty building that has a ton of grass in the front that we knew Mason would love to run around on. He loved all the stairs that were at the front of the building, too.

looking out over the city.not quite.


The Utah State motto is "Industry" - highlighted by these cute beehives they have on either side of the main flag pole.

state motto.

Very cool building, and a great place to go run around for a few minutes to burn some energy after a long day of driving.



  1. It is really pretty there, the building is very old school, I love it. I love the lighting in the picture of Mase when he fell.

  2. What a fun idea to visit the capital. I wouldn't ever think to get the kids out and let them run around there. Your pictures are incredible as always. Mason is such a cute kid.

  3. Aw, you were so close to my old house. I used to take Ethel to the Capitol lawn every night after work.

  4. You were so close and you didn't even come see me at work? How rude!!! :) jk

  5. The state capitol is an awesome place for photo shoots, too. I did one of my cousins right before mother's day and our pictures turned out great.

  6. just found you from a comment on "today's creative blog". I use to live in Utah and miss it soo bad! Thanks for sharing the pictures! and hope you don't mind me stopping by!



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