Saturday, July 19, 2008

not to us.

We were invited over to our friends house for dinner this evening. She asked me to bring a dessert - I'm making a strawberry trifle. I had everything all cut and prepared and ready to assemble when I realized I didn't have a great serving bowl. I wanted a glass one so you could see the pretty layers on the side, but all the glass bowls I had were either too big or too small.

I remembered a deep, dark section of my pantry where we had a few wedding gifts stored that we had never opened. I mean, the wrapping paper is off from when we got married 8 years ago, but technically the boxes have never been opened. Things like leaded crystal appetizer platters and a wooden salad bowl holder with a glass salad bowl. Wait! A glass salad bowl! I grabbed that box and the bowl looked to be the perfect size.

Marc was there in the kitchen with me and said "Hey! We're actually going to put a wedding gift to use!" as I was opening up the box (having to cut the tape) a silver-embossed wedding card fell out. "Ohh" I said "Look! There is even a card still stuck inside so we can see who to mentally thank for the perfect sized glass bowl".

Inside it read: "Congratulations Mary and Ryan! God bless you! Love, the Maybeys"

Marc said it best: "Awwwwwww snap! We've been re-gifted!"

And the funny thing is, we don't even know who Mary and Ryan are! But thanks to them we've got the perfect sized glass bowl for our perfect strawberry dessert!


  1. That is hilarious! Can't wait to see your trifle :)

  2. Oh I did notice all the layers before we DEVOURED the yummy dessert! Thank you for bringing. I really enjoyed our evening.

    Yeah, to new friends. Thanks for coming over.

    I will bring your lovely bowl over....hee, love the story!

    xo Rika

  3. That is funny! Too bad there wasn't money in there too!:)

  4. PS i am dieing to many cape orders have you had already???

  5. LOL. Can't believe it, atleast the bowl is what you needed.

  6. That is so awesome. I would love to know who Mary and Ryan are. I bet they wish they had a nice salad bowl.

  7. Too funny!! The first rule of re-gifting is: get rid of the evidence!!

  8. How funny! So... will there be pics of the trifle?

  9. That is HILARIOUS! My sister is the queen of "re-gifts" :), I will be sure to remind her to be EXTRA careful!

    I am glad you got such a great b-day present! One more year until 30--I'm not worried either :)!

  10. That is funny! Good that is got used and found a home at last.

  11. HAH!!

    now you just need to meet a Mary and Ryan, wait til you all get really old and forgetful, and trick them into thinking they regifted your asses.

    or.. you know.. maybe not.

  12. You know it's possible that Mary and Ryan returned the gift, card still stuck in it and one of your guests bought it, wrapped it and handed it to you. Glad it all worked.

  13. I just KNEW you were going to say there was money in the envelope...

    I'm totally cracking up at the regifting! Classic.

  14. That is hilarious!

    It also reminds me of my regifting fiasco.DH was a usher in a friends wedding. The groom gave all ushers a nice leather album. My youngest brother quickly eloped soon after and in a rush to gift them (having just had a baby and having a 15 month old also) I sent them the album. Unbeknownst to me the album had a picture of the original bride and groom on the last page and a gift card to DH's favorite restaurant.

    My little brother still laughs about it today and sends me emails whenever he eats at said restaurant and reminds me of my mommy brain. lol



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