Saturday, July 5, 2008

LOVE these.

A few weeks ago I blogged about having an upcoming photo session with Michelle from Little Dreamer Studio. I was so excited to get together with her -- I'd seen her gorgeous pictures and was getting an absolute STEAL on a session with her (she's currently building her portfolio for her website - I couldn't pass it up!).

We finally got together on Monday night and had SO much fun. We went to Thanksgiving Point - where they had the absolute most stunning gardens I've seen in a long time! Cute little stone pathways, arched vines, tons of colorful flowers - it was so pretty.

at work.

Mason was a champ the whole time! She came prepared with a great bubble machine, a cute old rusty red kids folding chair, a stuffed bear, a red wagon - and the best - a HUGE colorful lollipop that Mason just LOVED. Of course we waited until the very end to give him that - he was a hot, sticky mess after a few minutes with that treat.

We got some really great pictures of Mason and it's so fun for me to see photos of him through another photographers eye. She was so skilled in really capturing his personality - there are some serious classic Mason faces in my gallery. Like this one, which I want printed as GIANT as I can get to hang in our living room, such a PERFECT Mason scowl:


And this one, where he's like "what do you need, Mama?"


This one, of course is special to me - because it's the cape! She actually got so many cute ones with him in just his little jean shorts and the cape - I am so glad that I got that figured out to make for his pictures (also, I have a little announcement/surprise coming next week about the capes - so keep your eyes peeled for that!)


And this one is perfect, too, because you can just see that sparkle in his eye that he knows this lollipop is a HUGE treat (which it was - he'd never had one before!)


It was so fun to meet and hang out with Michelle (and her cute daughter, Brenna). She was a professional through and through and like I said to her in an email, I was so lucky to have gotten to her before she is a humongous rich and famous photographer!

You can check her website for some more AWESOME images, her blog for cute stories and pictures (she's got some more of Mason on there), and she's also hugely famous in the digital scrapbooking world as the owner of Little Dreamer Designs. She does it all - and wonderfully at that! Check her blog for info on getting in on the portfolio building sessions like I did, too, I think she might be booking a few more!


  1. Those turned out so cute! I love the lollipop ones. I'm excited for our session on the 14th! And for the splash park next week. Yay for fun stuff. :)

  2. Mason,
    You look great! Your a very handsome boy. I went to the Farmer's Market this morning. It was fun. I ate my first cherry!

    xo Adelaide and baby Jo Jo

  3. I think it's time to start submitting Mason's head shots to Hollywood. I foresee him staring in a remake of
    "Dennis the Menace" with Ashton Kutcher as Mr. Wilson ;)

  4. I do love all the pictures, they really do show his personality really well. I still can't believe that she brought that lollipop since we were just talking about that!

  5. These pictures are incredible. They all turned out so so cute and I love the ones with the cute cape you made. You really did get a good deal...

  6. again.. adorable.

    with pictures like these, I would totally turn into one of those moms with the shrines of pictures covering every inch of wall.

    great great shots, though!

  7. I saw your post over at Sunshine Studios and thought I'd drop by your blog. :) I'm so envious of you living close enough to have Michelle do a photo shoot for you!! The pictures are gorgeous~I just love that lollipop one!!

  8. They all turned out FANTASTIC!!

    He is so photogenic!



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