Friday, July 18, 2008

for me.

This past week it was my birthday ... the big 2-9. Last year before I'm 30. I'm not worried.

I had been happily riding Marc's bike to and from our community garden -- but really, as a $20.00 Craigslist find over a year ago, it was kind of a piece of crap. But it had 2 wheels and it worked. No working kick-stand, though, that was kind of a pain. So I was very happy to find out that for my birthday he got me this ensemble:

my birthday present.

A cute little cruiser bike, and a trailer for Mason! I am so excited. We've been riding in it almost daily (my legs are feeling it, let me tell you, that's not a small 2 year old you see there). I love that the trailer is super easy to unhitch so I can still take the bike out after Mase has gone to bed, for a quick spin around the neighborhood. There's just something awesome-feeling about pumping your legs really hard up a hill to get to the big payoff of being able to whizz down the other side with the wind (and bugs) in your hair (and eyes).

And Mason LOVES it.

here's my pocket.

Here's my pocket.

can you take this?

Can you take my drink?

mason loves it.

I'll give you one more "cheese", begrudgingly.

ready to go!

Now let's get this show on the road!

I really want to get a basket for the front of the bike, too. A wicker one, maybe?


  1. I wish we had room for one of these, I know Gwenie would love it too. Mason just gets cuter and cuter, we can't wait to see you guys and get some great pics of the two of them.

  2. What an awesome gift! I love it...and am really jealous. I got a bike trailer (that can also be used as a stroller) but no bike. I REALLY want the bike now so I can pull my kids. A basket would make it a complete package! So cute!

  3. And you two look so darn cute cruisin' around the neighborhood!

  4. Hey Erin, I'm glad you have seen our blog. We need to add you to our list of blog friends too. I thought your new business idea is great. When we have kids we will have to get you to make one for us. Taking a camping trip together next year would be awesome. It has been too long since that has happened. I'm sure it will bring back great memories of all the trips we had back in the day. It is good to see how you, Marc, and Mason are doing. And by the way, Happy Birthday!

  5. That is too cute! I know my Shea would love to ride in one of those.. Liam is older now and would probably find something about it to make him scared (since it would be new).

    Glad you had a nice surprise for your birthday!

  6. We got one for the summer here and we love it. Happy trails.

  7. My sister has been looking for one of those. I should tell her to check out Craig's list. For some reason, I always think Craig's list is in California and I forget that it is everywhere? Happy Birthday!! Are you just turning 29? One more year 'til you're 30...that was a tough one for me!

  8. Happy 3-0! What an awesome birthday gift! I love the series of Mason in the trailer :)

  9. I LOVE the new picture of Mason on your side bar. He looks so GROWN up.

  10. Janette: I am 29. LOL. I guess I worded it kind of funny!

    Julie: It was one from Michelle.

  11. Happy birthday, i hope you had a great day!
    Rett bought me a bike about a month ago and i love it...except it just shows me how out of shape i am!:) Maybe thats i sign i should ride it more! I should get a trailer for Annie to ride in! Haahaa

  12. That makes my BF Pitbull 29 also! WOW! Hope your day was sticky free and cape happy! Love Mommason Hillary

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday was last week, too!

    Love the bike and the pictures!!

  14. Happy Birthday.... how was turning 29??..scary? or ok? the reason I ask... is i'm a bit scared of my december b/c i'm going to be 29 as well...

    that is an AWESOME gift...I just got my bike out of my brother's garage..where it's lived for awhile...but great to be back on it... (I haven't ridden very much in the past 10 years...but it's true...once you learn how to ride.. you NEVER do forget!)...

    Happy riding... and the trailer is too cute!! :)

  15. That looks like fun!!!
    What a cool way to get your excersize!



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