Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CGPA part 4

So I didn't ever get a chance to post about our community garden plot in the month of June, so this will be 2 posts worth of pictures - June and what I have so far in July. You can read my previous posts here, part 1, part 2 & part 3.

Here's the overview picture of June:

june overview

It wasn't looking too great - we had such a long winter with a late Spring that nothing really took off in the early part of the season like I was expecting it to.

squash - june

Here's the squash in June - they're still fairly small here but growing steadily and starting to plot their plan of world (or garden) domination.

string beans - june

Here's my string beans. When I planted them, I was thinking they were peas. You know, that you open up and there are a whole bunch of little round, well, peas, inside. Instead I got crunchy yummy string beans. Still good!

tomatos + sunflowers - june

Tomatoes and sunflowers in June. Pretty pathetic. I think I got a cheap variety of tomato plants because my neighbors tomatoes are about the size of Mason and mine are about two inches tall (still.)

And now on to July, where things are improving but still slow out of the gates:

july overview.

My lettuce and beans are really taking off, can you spot the string beans?

lettuce - july

beans. - july

I have one single jalapeno! This jalapeno is especially important to me because Marc told me (jokingly) that me having a garden plot next year solely depended on the jalapeno output of this years garden! So luckily I will make that goal! That guy LOVES jalapenos!

jalapeno! - july

The squash, which have seemingly tripled in size overnight. I need to thin them out (along with the gourds and pumpkins, or else I'm going to have nothing else in the garden.)

squash - july

And the tomatoes and sunflowers, which are still doing pretty crappily compared to everyone elses ...

tomatoes + sunflowers - july



Yes, I have ONE tomato growing! That's going to be a pretty darn small serving of salsa with the ONE tomato and the ONE jalapeno I have going ... but I bet it will taste AWESOME!

So everything is doing OK, I'm pretty happy with it being my first year and I actually have something edible that I can go over and pick for my night's dinner. OK - so it will only feed ME for ONE NIGHT, but still! Progress!

Also, don't forget that tonight is the deadline to be entered into the giveaway I have over at Plum Pear Apple Designs for a custom Superhero Cape! The capes I have been making so far are turning out SO CUTE - I can't wait until they start arriving at their destinations so I can start posting pictures of them!



  1. Looks really good and yummy, makes me want a garden that is just not flowers.

  2. I love the idea of a community garden. In a similar vein, we just signed up with a community farm for local fruits and vegetables.

  3. A small serving of salsa just means you don't have to share!



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