Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So remember all those months and months I was complaining and whining about it being freezing cold and snowing and miserable ... well, we've been rewarded for all that suffering -- summer is finally here -- and WOW IS IT EVER. This afternoon I saw our thermometer hit 103.5 and that's about how hot it's been all week.

This past weekend we were lucky to be able to escape from the heat a little bit when we went up to the mountains to stay in a condo by a lake (Pineview Reservoir) with my family, aunts and cousins. Mason and I left on Friday afternoon to pick up Marc and my cousin, Collin, from work. (Collin works for Marc). Collin was going to ride up with us so that both he and Marc could leave there cars there for the weekend and save on gas. We forgot one important piece of information: Mason is TERRIFIED of Collin.


This is Collin (on the left). See, he looks innocent enough. Now his brother, Reilly, on the right, there might be a little reason to be afraid of that one (just kidding Rei!) So we have no idea why Mason is so afraid of Collin. Collin has never done anything to Mason, Collin is a nice, adorable, funny college kid that is always laughing and joking and being sweet. It's not like Mason has never met Collin before -- Collin and his brother and sister used to come over almost every Thursday night to hang out with us and watch The Office. Mason usually cries every time Collin comes into the room. Once Collin came running down the stairs and kind of jumped into the room to say hello - Mason jumped about 12 feet into the air straight into my lap and wouldn't stop shaking.

So anyways, picking the boys up at work to make the drive up the canyon. Forgetting Mason's irrational fear. Right. So, Mason spied Collin in Marc's lab and steered clear of him, but thankfully didn't cry. Until I tried to strap him in his car seat and he noticed Collin sitting in the seat next to him. Immediately he went straight as a board so I couldn't strap him in and started screaming. I felt so bad trying to buckle him in - but what could I do? We finally had to ask Collin if he could get out of the car so I could trick Mason and get him in the car seat, and then Collin could get back in. Man, there is nothing that will make you feel worse than having to ask an immediate family member to exit the car because your crazy toddler is terrified of him. Sorry, Col!

So Mason got buckled in but he immediately scooted over as far in his car seat as he could get to the window, and then proceeded to turn his head out the window and just sit there clutching his blanket, silently seething. Boy, was he MAD AT ME. He wouldn't look at me, wouldn't accept M&M's from me, wouldn't sing along to his favorite songs, wouldn't put his hands up in the regular game of Whee! we play when going under overpasses ... he was full on SULKING.


This is seriously how he sat the entire 90 minute drive there. It was so funny, but so sad at the same time. Collin kept trying to offer Mason food, randomly mention things that Mason likes ("You know what I really love lately? The Backyardigans!!"), play hide and seek with him, etc. I am happy to report that by the end of the car ride, all Collin's efforts started to pay off and Mason was actually slightly giggling and playing with him. They are on the road to being pals just yet!

So we got to the condo, and this was our view:

view of the golf course from the balcony

Such a beautiful day and an awesome view of the golf course right outside. We went swimming at the great pool that was there and just spent the afternoon relaxing and eating and chatting.


That night we spent eating yummy lasagna and playing Spoons and watching The Office. There were about 15 of us total so there were plenty of laughs and stories being told and teasing going around. The next day we got up and decided to go to the lake for some fishing and swimming. Mason loved being able to be right in the water -- he is such a water baby. He has never been afraid or fearful of the water. He spent the whole day standing at the edge, digging in the sand with his shovel and bucket, venturing in to about waist deep, and collecting sticks and rocks.

It actually made me a little sad and missing California to see him in the water and know how that if we still lived by Laguna Beach we'd be there every week and he'd grow up knowing the ocean so well. But this is where we are supposed to be right now - and I actually prefer lakes to the ocean anyways, none of that icky salt residue to have to deal with and you don't get gorgeous green hills and blue skies like this near the ocean. (OK, maybe in Hawaii, but that's expected).

Mason came out of the water just long enough to eat some lunch and get a tshirt and hat on to try to stop the sunburn a little bit, and then he was right back in the water. Getting soaking wet.


And then a second later he was wriggling OUT of his boardshorts and tshirt, wanting, I guess, to get back in the water in just his swim diaper. Alright, child, whatever you want. I'll just stand back here and take pictures.

down to the swimmers.


So we had a great weekend and it was a beautiful place to go - just the right distance from home that it wasn't a long road trip but you still felt like you were away from it all. It was definitely taking advantage of a lot of the great things that Utah has to offer - beautiful mountain scenery, crisp clean air, and a cool, blue lake.

a barn for sale.


  1. Wow, it sure is beautiful isn't it?!! I miss Rett parents living up there--that was great!!! And i miss our boatttt! Grrrr

  2. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that beautiful views like this are real and not just something drawn up in a movie studio. Wow.

    Congrats to Collin for breaking down Mason's barriers. ;) I have to do that every time I see my (future) nieces in New England - it's not easy!

  3. So pretty. I am also super sad that you guys are not around to hang out at the each with, Gwenie is a total fish. That is so weird about your cousin and Mase, I can't imagine Mase being like that, he likes everyone.

  4. That looks FANTASTIC!! Why don't I have any family or friends with cabins anywhere??!

    SucK! Looks like a great weekend :)

  5. oh, I love Pine View. My grandparents are members of the "yacht club" and we've been going boating at the "lake" most of my life.

    So pretty.

  6. Your pictures are incredible, Erin! I think I need to take a trip there and check it out myself. Sounds like such a fun trip. I think that is so hilarious that Mason was so afraid of your cousin!

  7. Gor-geous. I want to go there! :) Aren't kids so funny? I always wonder what makes them think certain ways--Mason is a hoot! I love how your cousin tried so hard. :) Toddlers are so stubborn.



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