Monday, June 2, 2008

My Favorite Monday

My Favorite Monday -- green!

My blogger friend Tiburon hosts something she calls "My Favorite Monday" -- every Monday she poses a question on her blog about something that is your "favorite" and asks her friends to reply. Today's is your favorite color - and I had to answer this one! I love green had tons of pictures in my Flickr Favorites that were green so I knew I had to pull together this great GREEN collage! If you have a blog come play along and let me know that you posted it on your blog, too!

(Click on my mosaic to view it bigger at Flickr and get all photo credits).


  1. I didn't know you liked green!!! That has been my favorite color FOREVER!!! I love the collage it looks so bright.

  2. Oh yum! I love green too, what a great selection. Oh, and I don't know how long it's been changed, since I check your blog through Reader and haven't commented lately (sorry!) but I'm LOVING your redesign! Your new header is awesome, and the new family pic is great!! Gorgeous, all of it!

  3. Your family is so cute!!! I found you through Julie's blog and just had to say hi! Your blog is so inviting... I love the green! We are thinking of using the name Mason for our little guy due in July! Wow! It's been so long.... we will have to get together some time!
    -Jen (Pettit)

  4. That is the best collage ever. You totally put mine to shame!

    Hey, we need to get together so I can return your DVD's :)

  5. That collage made me want to go buy something green. Love all the fun pictures.

  6. What neat a neat collage!

    It has been good to catch up and see how you have been (now that I am trying to be back in the loop again :)!)

    All looks well (especially Marc's b-day cake--yum!)



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