Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One of the reasons that we love living in the neighborhood in Utah that we do is that they have a lot of community involvement. The little Gymboree type class on Friday mornings that Mason and I (sometimes) go to, the community gardens, the teen parties and the adult dances and the kids crafts -- it all makes you get out and know your neighbors and get involved. On Friday night they had a Summer Luau -- from what my neighbors have said it's one of the biggest events of the whole year, and this would be the 4th year they'd had it. Marc and Mason got all dressed up in their Hawaiian shirts (I could only find my pukka-shell anklet) and we headed over with our picnic dinner of ham/sweet potato/pineapple salad that we threw together at the last minute.

community luau.

This is not the best picture, it doesn't show how many people were really there and the little stage area they had set up for the dancers. Everyone had their blankets, chairs, pillows and picnics all set up and it was fun seeing our neighbors and seeing everyone together as a family. We met up with our friends, Autumn and Tim, and sat with them while we ate.


They were handing out leis to all the kids and Mason was brave and went right up to the girl to get one. He got a green one and loved it and didn't want to take it off the whole night.

with the mascot.

So Utah hosted the 2002 winter olympics - and as part of that big celebration there were 3 mascots made. A fox, a bear and a rabbit - I think. I guess they're trying to get their moneys worth out of the costumes they had made and so apparently you can rent out the Olympic Mascots to come to your event. So -- 3 winter animals at a summer luau? Sure! They kept announcing that the animals were available to come to your private birthday or family parties. Mason actually loved them and wanted to follow the fox around until he gave him a high five. I can't imagine how sweaty it must have been in that outfit in 95 degree heat!

enjoying the show.

They put on a little show with dancers not unlike the show you'd see at a Hawaiian luau, or the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. They had groups perform the different styles of dances of Hawaii, Figi, New Zealand, etc. It was fun, but we had more fun joking around with our friends and watching the kids play and eat popsicles.


Mason loved his popsicle, and was content sitting in his little lawn chair to eat it while watching the show. Miles, on the other hand, wanted to be UP and DANCING and RUNNING while eating his popsicle, causing his dad to get to be UP and RUNNING around with him. It was hilarious. Such a difference a few months can make between toddler boys.

the real mason.

Mason wasn't completely cool with just sitting there - there was so much music it was just a matter of time before he wanted to jump up and "dance" with the other kids. See - he is a real little boy sometimes - stains on his shirt, barefoot, dancing around like a maniac. Just wait until I find the video of him dancing to post, too. It's classic.

We ended up leaving a little bit early because we had been invited over to our neighbors house to roast marshmallows in their backyard fire pit, and it was getting late already. We had to leave before the finale of fire dancers -- what we heard was the best part of the show. Oh well, there is always next year. We got to go visit with our cool neighbors and eat smores instead.


  1. I love the dancing picture!! Classic!!

  2. The dancing picture is adorable. And also, in the second-to-last picture? Yeah, I totally want that kid's camo cargos.

  3. Wow- again, what a cool community you live in! Looks like tons of fun. I bet I know the people who run that dance group- they are probably friends of my mom. I miss the Polynesian stuff in Utah... I'm not so sure there are any Hawaiians out here...

  4. I think Gwenie would have been just like Miles, she would not sit still like Mase. I have been looking around for that kind of thing around here, so far I have only found a movie in the park and we are going to try and go.

  5. I wish I knew our neighbors. Although my general feelings of antagonism towards the ones who have the dog that never stops barking is probably a good indicator that we wouldn't get along ;)

    Anyway, you need to send me real estate listing for your area. I'm so ready to go ;) You should get paid for marketing this awesome neighborhood!

  6. I love that you have such a HUGE FIELD in your neighborhood.

    looks like and sounds like you had a great time. I do love your pictures; I feel like I'm drinking in your life!

    not DRINKING drinking.. I mean soaking up? though drinking-drinking doesn't sound too bad, either!

  7. Jen: I can ask Autumn where she got them, but I'm not sure they come in anything but toddler boy size. :)

    Darc: movies in the park are so much fun! They have those once a month here too. It's good because there are usually a lot of kids playing so it doesn't matter if you're really watching the movie.

    Erin: yeah, going to complain about the barking dog is usually not the best way to get to know your neighbor! :)

    Carrie: it is a huge field -- it's actually the baseball/soccer field of the elementary school that you can see in the background of the first picture. But it's nice that it's right in the middle of the neighborhood and easily accessible to everyone!

  8. Looks like so much fun! If we were in Utah, I think we would LOVE to be in Daybreak--it seems like such a cool neighborhood.

    It was good to catch up and see what you have been up to.

    Love your little Mason--such a darling kid :)!

  9. That looks like a blast! Daybreak knows how to do things right :)

  10. That looks like a blast! Daybreak knows how to do things right :)



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