Tuesday, June 3, 2008

little picasso.

Even though it's June you wouldn't know it by the weather outside. Sure, we've had a few nice days and the sun is usually shining, but in the afternoons and evenings it still gets chilly and is sweatshirt weather. Mason and I have been doing a lot of crafting in those afternoons, most recently finger painting. We've done it a few times before when he was younger:


But it never really went over well because he doesn't like to get his hands dirty in the paint and just wanted to eat the paper (see above photo). I tried it again this week and it went a little better, he wasn't as paranoid about getting paint on his hands, or his face, or his tummy, or the wall:

something is on my hand.


master at work.

In fact he wasn't paranoid about getting paint all over the dog, or the table, or in his mouth. But it was OK because he spent an hour doing it and when he was done I had some masterpieces to hang up in the kitchen:

the aftermath.

Just thank goodness (and Crayola) for washable paints!


finger painting.


  1. The little paint speckles all over his face are so precious!

  2. I love all the pictures, he looks so cute messy. I am glad that he liked doing it again, Gwenie loves it and it is so fun to see what they create.

  3. Fantastic pictures, you totally captured the fun! I LOVE the speckles. And the chubby hands.

  4. What great pictures! He is so dang cute- I love it. Those paint speckles all over his face are too funny. This will make such a cute scrapbook LO ;) I have one of Ben fingerpainting-- I need to get those out more often for them. I'm a mean mom- I have so much to clean up already that I don't want to get the messy stuff out.

  5. That is too cute with the paint specks on his face. I bet he loves to get his little fingers in the paint.

  6. What cute pictures. I love his chubby little hands covered in paint.

  7. Ohh to cute love that little artist. Cute way to show off her art. Be watching for her sell.
    hugs ginger(lovestodream)



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