Thursday, June 5, 2008

little bugs.

You all know how much I love my (actually growing! real plants!!) community garden. This week our neighborhood held an awesome event -- a Ladybug Release Party. Ladybugs are said to be good for gardens, and what little kid doesn't love a ladybug (or eleventy zillion) climbing up and down their arms and legs?!

Here's the garden, if you squint you can see all the people gathered up around the arbor thing eating Popsicles and waiting for the ladybugs to be unpacked.

waiting for the ladybugs.

Seems like the Garden Lady's had to be FedEx'd from some sort of Ladybugs-R-Us place in Oregon. See how one envelope says it has 1750 ladybugs in it? And there were about 20 envelopes for our garden alone (there are 3 gardens throughout the community). That is A LOT of little red flying bugs!

ready to fly!

Mason had his first experience with an Otter Pop, actually he's never had any Popsicle. I'm a teensy bit of a clean freak and I always worry about his clothes getting stained and messy. I'm trying to loosen up a bit on this -- I understand he's a little boy and he's going to get dirty (see: splashing in the mud!). But he actually did really good with the Popsicle and ate almost all of it (Dad sneaked a few bites) without getting ANY on his crisp white shirt! I've taught him well! And what was I thinking letting him wear a crisp white shirt to the garden, anyways? Well, let's just say that attending the Ladybug Release Party was a bit of an afterthought and I didn't have time to change him.

first otter pop ever.

After the Popsicles were consumed they kind of split everyone up and said they were going to release the bugs at different plots throughout the garden. This plot was one that was only 2 spaces away from ours -- hopefully some of the little guys will fly over and find their homes among my tomatoes! You can see how excited all the kids were to get some bugs in their hands.

wanting some.

Marc helped Mason get in there and the lady dumped a big pile of ladybugs into his hands. Which he promptly dropped. At least he dropped it back into the garden plot and not on the ground where they surely would have been trampled. We tried again with Marc getting some in his hands and then going back to our plot where we could release them and put them on our peas and carrots. Mason was kind of getting the idea and decided to let some of them crawl on him. He was pretty proud of this one climbing on his arm and kept wanting to show it to me -- really close to the camera. So, dang, the focus fell on his eyes and not the ladybug.


Marc kept picking them up and placing them on Mason, so once Mason figured out how to pick it up without squashing it (yes, we may have had a few casualties) he placed one on Marc's shirt for him.

it's OK, dad, it's just a ladybug.

Here's one of the ones I saved from the crush of kids and placed, along with his 5 or 6 little buddies, among my jalapeno plants - which seem to be struggling for some reason. We've had a really mild Spring (following our horrid Winter this year) and I don't think that plants are growing as good as they could be. Hopefully these little adorable bugs bring my garden good luck! And keep away the icky aphids and stuff.

go, little guy!


  1. I saw this on the news that night and knew you would have been there! I can't believe how many lady bugs they let go. What a fun activity!!

    P.S. I was right next to Daybreak last night for book club and I was REALLY wishing I knew were you lived so I could have dropped in and said hello. I forgot my phone so I couldn't even call you! :( We just need to really plan an actual get together!

  2. That is just so fun. I love ladybugs, who doesn't??? Hopefully they will save your struggling plants and you will have all kinds of yummy stuff to eat.

  3. How cool!!! I love your garden. Next year I really want to try one. Ladybugs are so cool. Mason looks like he's not sure what to do! ;) Ben is a little more inhibited with things than Chris, but I showed him a while back how ladybugs were nice and you could pick them up, and now whenever he sees one he wants to hold it until it flies away. I love it. I'm not a HUGE bug lover, but those roly-poly ones and the ladybugs are cool for kids to be able to hold.

  4. Such a cute idea for kids!! How come we never had fun stuff like that when we were growing up?! Cute pictures!

  5. Hi Erin,
    It was nice to meet you and Mason last week. I keep checking out your blog. My husband has one at Maybe we can get Mason and Adelaide together to play soon. You inspired me to try more craft projects. Thanks for the craft links on your blog.
    Cheers, Rika and Addy and Jo Jo

  6. I saw it on the news too and I was wondering if you were there! We need to get together so I can get your dvd's back to you! I feel guilty having them so long :)



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