Monday, June 30, 2008

a few things done.

The other day I posted about getting Mason's pictures taken and me wanting a superhero cape for the session. I borrowed a cape from my sister in law with the intention of just using that for the pictures, but I was really never happy with the Superman/Batman logo that was on it. I wanted something more handmade looking, and personalized with an M for my super Mason. I half used the pattern from the borrowed cape, partly came up with my own design, and mostly winged it. This is what I came up with:


In the above picture, the turn-inside-out-opening isn't hand-stitched closed yet, that's why you can see a little opening.


with cape

I'm pretty happy with the way that it turned out, but I also have a bunch of little nit-picky things that I don't like. Next time I am going to hand embroider around the "M" so that it has a more handmade feel. I don't like the teeny little stitch I used on the emblem, you can't see the yellow thread enough. Also I made a huge mess of the velcro when I machine stitched on the little squares. Next time I'll hand stitch that, as well.

I know Mason doesn't care about these things but I see all the little imperfections whenever I look at it - I'm trying to be less critical and just see it as the awesome cape that is sparking his imagination like crazy! He is having so much fun with it.

I also decided to make myself a new camera strap that had a little more personality and was a little more fun than the plain black one that came with my camera. I used some old fabric that I had in my stash and this is what I came up with:

camera strap

close up.

It was so easy to make, I just machine quilted a piece of material I had sewed into a tube turned inside out, and then reattached the leather end pieces I had unpicked off my original strap. These are not the best pictures because the strap was attatched to the camera at the time! And this was when I was only 1/2 done - as you can see there is a pin holding one of the ends together still. I have seen people that have these for their cameras and seen then for sale on Etsy, but it wasn't until I saw that Erin from House on Hill Road had made one for herself that I decided I could make one, too.

Again with the camera strap there are little things that I'll do differently next time - but what can I say? This was my first time attempting to sew either of these things.

I've also finished Mason's curtains for his room (well, 99.9% finished), and now that I finally got Marc to hang the curtain rod I have them hanging up with the ends pinned where I need to hem them. They turned out good, too. I'll get some pictures of them later on.


  1. Erin, you did a great job on all three of your projects. Like you said, Mason doesn't care about the stitches, just that he can now "fly" around the house and yard. And considering you didn't have any sewing-training at home, I'm impressed that you even know how to thread a needle. Sewing will get better as you get more experience, so don't be so hard on yourself. (Boy do I sound like your mother......) love you,

  2. Such the sewer lately, that is awesome. I have some projects in the making, but I am needing my mom's advise and I am going to wait until we go to Utah.

    I can't wait to see the pictures that she comes up with.

    I am sad Gwenie and Mase can't be Super Hero's together.

  3. I can't even sew on a button. That cape looks awesome. I really like the curved image corners you've been using lately. Are you doing that in photoshop or is there some new thing on flickr that I missed?

  4. That is so great! And once again - your photos are amazing ;)

  5. Erin,
    Beautiful work. Are you interested in making more capes? I would love to pay you to make one for my nephew Wiley. He has a birthday in August and I think he would love it. Not like you have much free time as a Momma, but let me know.

    Do girls like capes? Wonder what Addy would do with one?

    We are going to storytime tomorrow morning in Riverton at 10:30 if you want to join us at the library!

    Happy Monday,
    Rika and girls

  6. Oh P.S.
    Nate loved your photo last week. He put a link to it on his blog:

  7. Thanks Mom!

    Darc: I think Gwen needs a cape, too, maybe she'll get the first girly one I make.

    Erin: Thanks!

    Tib: Thanks!

    Rika: Thanks, and I emailed you!

  8. She would TOTALLY love it. I think they are so cute, girls can totally wear them.

  9. So so cute! You are so talented, I love the cape and the camera strap!

  10. These turned out great! I'm impressed. I can't even sew on a button.

    I am interested in the camera strap, my "baby" needs to be girlied up a bit. I might need to ask you more about that or perhaps even pay you to do it for me....hmmmm....

  11. Wow, check out your craftiness! The cape and strap are both awesome. I'm totally like you- once in a while I'll attempt to sew and kind of wing it. Then of course comes the critical part where it's not perfect, but it will do ;)

    He is so dang cute in that cape!

  12. Thanks, Heidi, Brooke & Lisa. I need all the encouragement I can get!

  13. You are so crafty, I love it. I wish I had an ounce of it in me, but I don't. I used to pretend I did, but I gave up on that even. The cape turned out so cute. I can't wait to see what you have done with his curtains. You should give lessons.

  14. ooooooh. can i put in a special request for a camera strap, if you decide to make more? it came out SO nice. :)

    and on a totally unrelated note . . . how'd you get such an awesome theme for blogger? i just spent all weekend trying to decide between blogger and wordpress for my migration, and i felt like blogger had very few options.



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