Friday, May 16, 2008


So this morning I was giving Mason a bath upstairs and I could've SWORN I heard chirping coming from down in the kitchen. SWORN. (Note: we don't have pet birds. Marc is TERRIFIED of birds.) I thought I was just hearing things from lack of sleep or just general going craziness when I heard more of it ... chirp, chirp, chirp. I decided bath time was over so we could go investigate.

I went downstairs to first see Newton cowering in the corner shivering and shaking and whining. This is the not-so-bright dog that thought it would be a good idea to take on the large Dalmatian next door to disastrous results, so I knew that something must be up if HE was scared out of his mind.

See anything wrong with this picture, besides and overflowing stack of coupon mailers and junk on my mail table?

what's wrong with this picture

Um, yeah. Bird in the house. Again, we don't have pet birds, Marc is terrified of birds (as is apparently the dog) and I'm not too fond of birds and definitely don't want a bird in the house. Mason on the other hand spotted it immediately and ran towards it frantically doing the sign for "duck" (close, right?), pointing, and giggling. What do you do when you've got a tiny, terrified little bird in your house that keeps slamming itself into the windows in a desperate attempt to get away? Grab the camera, of course!

He hung out in the laundry room for awhile (probably because it has a big window in there) and then flew over to the big window and window sill I have above my kitchen sink. That window holds my collection of Mason jars and a few plants, and currently it's holding about 8 extra pots of California Poppy's I'm growing from seed along with some herbs. Little Bird thought it was the perfect place to hop around and hide from me.

Oh, the kitchen window also holds a fake rubber chicken that, um, emits a gross, slimy egg out when you squeeze it's belly. Don't ask. Or do ask - Marc or my mom.

I tried everything I could think of to get him to fly towards an open window, but he wasn't having any of it. Probably partly because of the chubby short kid laughing loudly and pointing at him. I put the kid in his high chair and distracted him with a banana while I finally sort of shooed the bird over to the living room, where I had another window open, and where he finally, finally figured out how to fly through the open part instead of ramming in again to the glass.

Poor little bird. I hope you're not too traumatized by the experience in our house this morning. It made for an exciting start to our day!


  1. Those are great photos! What kind of camera do you have?

  2. I love all the pictures, I still can't believe that it happened. I have said this before, but the craziest things happen to you. It really is a pretty bird, did your mom find out what kin of bird it is???

  3. Hey Maura! I sent you a Flickr mail. :)

    Darc, I haven't talked to her again yet, I'll ask her when I see her tonight.

  4. Beautiful photos! I think (but I'm not sure) that it that species of bird is a "House Finch" ... so it was just trying to live up to its name? What an adventure!

  5. How crazy. I would have freaked out too. Your pictures are amazing. They make the bird look so at home. Glad he survived the escape!

  6. My mom is terrified of birds, too. A bird got into our house when I was little & my mom locked herself in her room until my brother-in-law came & got it out. She laughs about it now, but she was so scared at the time. It was a good thing none of us kids were afraid. Of course, I'm sure she would have grabbed us & locked us in the bedroom with her if we were:)

  7. That probably would have freaked me out! Great job staying calm. I love the pictures of the bird's adventures in your house.

  8. Those pictures are amazing! I would have been freaking out if that had been me!

  9. You are such a great photographer. I would totally get a bird in my house if it meant I could take pictures like that!

  10. Makayla: Every morning when Marc leaves for work (around 6) he lets the dog into the backyard and then leaves the slider open so he can get back in, and I don't have to wake up to let him in. So, I'm guessing the bird found the little bit of door that was cracked open. Smartie.



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