Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Marc!

Friday was Marc's 29th birthday. Mason and I went all out and made him an AWESOME cake ... white cake with peanut butter filling and peanut butter frosting, decorated with Nutter Butter cookies on the outside. Obviously, he LOVES peanut butter but I've never thought to make him a peanut butter cake. He was so excited when he got home that day (from golfing, spoiled guy his work took him golfing for his birthday) to see a big huge chunk of peanut butter cake waiting for him!


Mason's getting more and more interested when I'm cooking in the kitchen .. unfortunately his idea of helping is wanting to dump his bowl of beans (his normal kitchen distraction) into whatever bowl I'm currently stirring. So I relegated him to his high chair during cake preparation and distracted him with Nutter Butters. Can't say he was too unhappy about it.


Because it's Marc's birthday I thought I would post a couple of things to let you get to know him better.

1. He's very very smart. He's the smartest guy I know. He has his Masters degree in Genetics and routinely has to dumb down what he does at work for me every day so that I can pretend to understand. But he loves it. If you ask him what he does he'll enthusiastically talk your ear off until he realizes your eyes have glazed over and you're very confused.

washing the handswalking out

2. He's a great dad. He loves Mason more than anything and Mason adores him too. He always volunteers to take Mason places with him to give me time alone. He never complains about changing diapers or cleaning up the mess of toys or the piles of sand Mason transfers from the sandbox to the grass. He wants to be involved in raising Mason and always wants to know the new thing Mason learned that day or what funny thing Mase did.

with Dad, watching the ferris wheel


3. He's funny. Ask anyone that knows him and they'll tell you Marc is a funny guy. He's always got a one-liner or some sarcastic come back. He's able to laugh at himself, too. He loves to make people laugh and is always in a good mood. He is a good sport at letting people make fun of him, too, and doesn't get upset at it. He loves his friends and is always goofing off with them.

dorksacting silly

4. He loves Angels baseball. He keeps up with all the detailed stats of all the players and can spout them off to you in the blink of an eye. He always knows who they're playing and what their record is and how their opponents are doing. One of the best days of his life was when he got to go play baseball with just a few other guys out on the field at Angel Stadium -- batting from home plate, using their helmets and bats, pitching in the bullpen, catching fly balls in the outfield, sitting in the dug out. He still talks about it. He also loves getting Mason in to all things baseball. He got him a little toddler mitt and taught him how to hit off of a tee.

wearing #56 batting helmet

Marc in the Angels dugout

we told Napoli Mason wanted to be a catcher...

5. He likes to golf and he's good at it. He's also a very patient teacher because I stink at it but he still wants me to go play with him.

not a good shot

6. He makes me want to be a better person. He believes in me. He encourages me to try new things. Like the time that we went on vacation to Yosemite and hiked one of the hardest hikes in the whole park - to the top of Halfdome. 17 miles roundtrip and I probably whined a good 4-5 miles total.

we made it to the top!

But he kept encouraging me. And sharing his snacks with me since I didn't ration mine properly. And telling me that I could do it and that he believed in me. And that's kind of the perfect metaphor for our life. I love you, honey, Happy Birthday!


  1. YAY!!! The cake looks so good. Love all the pictures of Marc, I never knew you got to do that at Angels Stadium we are so jealous. Crazy that you hiked that with him, that is something that we would never do, good job.

  2. 1. That cake looks SO yummy. How did you do the frosting...please share. I might have to make it for Tucker's birthday.

    2. I loved reading all the little facts about Marc. He's such a great guy and from these pictures you can tell how much he loves his family.

    3. I love Mason's high chair...where'd you get it??

  3. Darc -- I didn't get to go play at the stadium. He went with his friends .. it was only about 2 months after Mason was born.

    Julie -- it's an easy recipe I found online -- I'll send it to you. And the high chair was mine from when I was a baby!

  4. Completely adorable post. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Well then, Brett is jealous that Marc got to go.

  6. This is so sweet! The two of you have been through so much together. I love reading about all of the amazing qualities your husband has. PS: I definitely need you to please send me the recipe as well. Your cake and my cake should have a Mario Kart match-up ;)

  7. What a lovely tribute! Happy birthday, Marc. :-)

  8. Happy birthday Marc!! Have you ever paid attention with how close Marc and Rett are with thier birthdays? And then mine and yours? Kinda wierd!! And the cake looks yummy! You are defiently mother and wife of the year!! You make the rest of us look bad!

  9. Only whined 4-5 hours I would have whined for 17!!!! Or at least the entire time up...non stop. ~Auti (can't remember my password so I can't log in under my account.)

  10. What a nice post from a wondeful gal to an incredible husband. I agree with all you said about Marc, and more. The most astonishing little-known-fact about Marc, though, is that he loves his mother-in-law (I think). We love you, Marc, and are so happy that you're part of our family. Elaine

  11. Happy Birthday Marc! I hope you had a great day. What a sweet tribute to your honey :)

    That cake looks A-MAZE-ING!!!!!



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