Friday, May 2, 2008

C.G.P.A. part 2!

We finally got the garden planted! I've been busy all week with getting my seeds together and figuring out what is going to go where ... I am planting some things over in the community garden, and then also some things here at our house (tomatoes, basil, and other herbs .. plus California poppies for the front porch). First we had to till the garden because it was horribly hard dirt:


Thanks to my brother Cale for running to tiller for me and getting it done so quick! Then we planted the seeds and figured out how much room we needed for each plant. I did beans, peppers, jalapenos, pumpkins, gourds, watermelons, sunflowers, and a few other things I'm forgetting.


Of course Mason was all about the helping and wanted to un-dig everything I had just planted. I left a little bit of dirt at the end of the plot thinking I'd come back later to plant some flowers ... but now I'm thinking I might just leave it and it can be the official digging spot. Except now we have the sandbox he might get his digging quotient filled there. We'll see.

more helping.

The garden is pretty bare right now, I can't wait until everything starts growing and things start coming in! I need to try to take a picture a week or something so that I can have a timeline of what it looks like all season long. We'll see how it goes!


  1. Can't wait to see how it looks. How did you find the community garden anyway??? You are much more involved then I am.

  2. How exciting! It is the best thing ever to see your hard work pay off...when those great peas, tomatoes, and other yummies start popping up! For sure take tons of pictures!

  3. So, is THAT the community garden? Because if have quite a bit to manage!

    What kind of gardening is that? It reminds me a lot of the garden I was looking at over at



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