Thursday, May 22, 2008


So the community garden plot adventure (CGPA) is in full swing now. You can read my previous posts about it here and here. Things are starting to grow in all the garden plots:

starting to grow.

People have their sprinkling hoses out with their timers all set up:


And Mason has perfected the art of splashing in the mud:

back to work.who taught him how to splash?

This is the look he gave me when I nicely suggested that maybe splashing in the mud wasn't really the best idea seeing as he was getting his sandals all mucky and getting mud all over me:

excuse me, i was splashing.

Ooooo-kaaay then. Guess he'll just be splashing in the mud and I'll just steer clear.

I actually have beans coming up, I love how you can see the little sprouts coming right out of the bean seed.


But of course I have the most awesome garden plot right opposite mine. Check out that spinach!!

check out the spinach.

They've got spinach plants that go on for days! I didn't even PLANT spinach. Had I known it was going to be so full and pretty and awesome looking, I might have. Plus spinach is yummy. Maybe I'm going to have to find out whos plot this is and become friends with them?



  1. I would have serious garden envy if my plot was next to their glorious Whole Foods like produce factory too ;)

  2. Those are some seriously nice gardens! I can't wait to see how your plot progresses!

  3. All of the stuff I have planted has died because of the huge heat wave we had, it was awful. But yours looks really good and I would love to see everything pop up, like those beans.

  4. Looking good...give it time! Once your beans get going it will make there spinach not look so great!!:) What esle did you plant again?



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