Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If you don't see me around much for the next couple of days, it's because I've got my nose permanently stuck in this book:

I picked it up from Barnes and Noble yesterday and hurried up and finished the other book I was reading so I could concentrate on this one! I have already read the first chapter and I can tell already it's going to be SO GOOD! Who else is reading it?


  1. Obviously I am reading it too, hehe. It is so interesting and different and that is what I have been wanting.

  2. If I weren't in the middle of 3 other books right now then I would so be reading it. I'm anxious to get my hands on it though...let me know what you think!

  3. I haven't picked it up yet so no spoilers please dear.

  4. I have to say, I was less than excited to read it. I mean, no Bella? No Edward? I'm only about two chapters in -- stupid work -- but I am already so hooked.



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