Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wrap up.

So I'm pretty recovered from our trip. Everyone always says you need a vacation to recover from a vacation -- that is so true. We had a great time, the quick run down of what we did, as not to bore you too much:

- Mason LOVED the airplane, and was so well behaved on it. He had an empty seat so he just sat there in between Marc and I and watched DVD's and read books.
- Stayed at a nice hotel with a pool and good room service breakfast.
- Hung out a ton with Darci and Gwenie while the boys had meetings and work.
- Found out that Gwenie is a complete monkey and climbs all over everything, completely opposite of Mason. No wonder she's barely 1 and has already had a broken leg and numerous black eyes!
- Went to the park and took funny pictures of them both stuffed in the same swing:

swing buddies.

- Ate at Rubios, In N Out, Chipoltle, In N Out again -- oddly I didn't take a picture of any of our food.
- Hung out at the hotel one night while Marc went out with friends while I stayed in and watched "Juno" again. (Love that movie!)
- Perused tons of digiscrapping sites with Darci.
- Went to Disneyland on Friday, had a great time. Forgot how much I love that place. Love that I know it like the back of my hand. Hit Nemo's Submarine Voyage, the Teacups, Pirates, Snow White, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder (only to have the ride shut down as we were getting on the trains - fine by me, I don't want to die!), Pirates again, saw Mickey in Toon Town, Jungle Cruise again, Haunted Mansion, the Matterhorn, finally got to ride Big Thunder, and Autotopia (I think that was all!).
- Had Mason fall and skid on his face about 2 minutes into the day at Disneyland. First line ride and everything. He tripped over Marc's shoe and landed flat on his face. It didn't look too bad at first but got worse as the day went on.

trying to lounge.

haunted mansion buddies.

- Ate yummy, yummy Monte Cristo sandwiches at the New Orleans Cafe. This is a must at Disneyland. (Julie, are you listening?!)
- Ran into Darci's parents and got to drop off the kids with them as we went on a few big-kid rides.
- Hung out with my brother in law and his fiance.
- Endured Marc and Brett doing funny things like this:

don't ask.

- Left before fireworks (another must).
- Woke up early on Saturday to go to the swap meet. On the list: socks and cheap sunglasses. Left with socks, sunglasses, board shorts, a churro in my belly, an Angel bat and ball for Mase, a cover for my iPod touch, and something else I'm forgetting.
- Went to the stadium 2 hours before game time for a tailgate with a bunch of our old friends. So fun.
- Mason raised his arms up and said "bay-ball" as soon as the stadium came into view.


the big a.

- Ate yummy BBQ hotdogs from the back of our friends pick-up truck, and tons of snacks and drinks. Later on ate another hotdog inside the park. Yum.
- Tried to get Mason to dance to "Low" in the middle of the parking lot. Unsuccessful.
- Mason LOVED the game. Had great seats in "Vlad's Pad" right behind Guerrero. Forgot how much I love it there, too. Angels won, Mase must have been good luck, as the lost the night before and the night after.

watching the game.

- Woke up the next morning to go to Disneyland again (California Adventure, actually). Hit some random traffic pattern and although it took us 13 minutes to get from Darci's house to the off ramp of the 5 (not close, but not far away), it took us NINETY MORE MINUTES to go about a mile down Ball road, into the parking structure, and into our parking spot. Absoloutely ridiculous. Had something to do with it being the end of Spring Break, and a beautiful Sunday morning. So crazy.
- This was all NINE lanes of incoming traffic into the structure. NUTS!


- Had another great day at Disneyland. Ate yummy clam chowder from a breadbowl (another must). Didn't ride many rides -- lines were long. On the way out, ran into Stitch (Mason: "Sich! Sich! SICH!!"). Definintely the highlight of his trip. Look at that smile:

the highlight of his trip.

- Had the only empty seat on the flight home be the one in between Marc and I. Lucky for that, Mason was done being impressed with being on an airplane and just wanted to lay there and watch Backyardigans and eat the unlimited number of cheese crackers the flight attendants were bringing him.

Glad that we're back. Fun trip. View all the pictures in this Flickr set or through this slideshow:


  1. Wow, on the way home Mason just sat in his seat and watched a movie? You're lucky! Annalie barely does that when she's strapped into her carseat, and she's almost 4. :-) She is overall a really good traveler, though. I am glad it was a fun trip and hope Mason's face is healing fast.

  2. So great you did alot!!!! I can't wait to get all of the pics. I just love the one of us on materhorn!!!! We had tons of fun.

  3. LOVED reading all about your fun trip. Thanks for taking such great notes for me. It's gotten me SO excited to go. Mason's little face looked so ouchie. It looks like you packed in lots of very fun stuff. You really do need a vacation after going on vacation! Glad your recovered!

  4. That whole "bay ball" thing almost made me cry at my desk. Obviously I have PMS. It looks like you guys had soooo much fun!

  5. WOW! Sounds like the most amazing trip ever! I am so glad you got to visit CA and see so many friends and favorite places!

    Loved reading it!

    I also like your "look" post. That is so cool that you have been blogging for so long.

    All my move, MBFF :)

  6. It sounds and looks like you had such and awesome time in CA. Thanks for sharing all the details, I had so much fun reading about your vacation. Again, I love all your pictures. I think one of my favorite pics is of Marc and Mason in their Angels outfits.

  7. Bethany: He is a good traveler, but not near as well traveled as Annalie! :) Whether on a plane or in a long car ride, he always does so much better than I expect him to.

    Darc: We had so much fun, didn't we?!

    Julie: You guys are going to have so much fun!

    Erin: Awww, didn't mean to make you tear up! It was pretty adorable, though!

    Jen: All your move!! So funny!

    Kim: That's one of my favorite pictures, too, it's definetly getting blown up to hang in my house somewhere!

  8. oh my gosh! you were soooo busy! i would've loved to get together with you, but i can see that never would've happened! :)

    maybe next time! :)

  9. How much fun is that!! I love all your pictures. So great to live vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing!



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