Friday, April 25, 2008

mason speak.

Mason is 20 months old as of yesterday. I can't believe he's 4 months away from being 2 years old! Where did the time go?

playing with pasta.

He's always been a great communicator, but this last month his vocabulary really exploded. He's starting to sign less and speak more -- but for certain things he'll do both. He'll still sign water but say "wah-wah". Here's a pretty complete list of what he says on a regular basis:

bay-ball = baseball
hooo-ruuu = homerun
goo-wheh-whoa = Guerrero (as in Vlad Guerrero)
papi! papi! papi! = for Big Papi aka David Ortiz of the Red Sox, ugh
sase = safe (as in "you're safe!")
out! = you're out!
up peease = lift me up
up peease = set me down
peeease? = please? as in, more please
i you = i love you
meemaw = gramma
mama = mama
addy! = daddy
gampa = grampa
new-uhn = Newton
bubba = bubbles (for a bath)
cheee! (with hands up) = string cheese
cheee! (with a cheesy smile) = cheese for when a camera is out
juu = juice
ilk = milk
wah-wah = water
feesh = goldfish crackers
cook-kee = cookie
eeth = teeth
shu-shu = shoes
ock = socks
ickey! = mickey
innie = minnie
sich = stitch
bedpeease = put me to bed
yessh = yes (while nodding his head up and down)
buh-bye = bye bye
nite-nite = goodnight

at the zoo.

He's had a great month with our trip to California, first visit to the Salt Lake zoo, and it's been warm enough finally to play outside a few times! He's definitely making the transition from baby into full-fledged toddler, becoming more and more independent every day. He knows where his snacks are in the pantry and can go get one after asking me if it's okay. He helps pick out what he wants to wear and tries to help get dressed. He loves to brush his hair and his teeth. He'll remind me if he's getting ready for bed and I haven't taken him in to brush his teeth yet.

He can point to all his body parts and knows them by name. He LOVES baths and will stay in there for as long as I let him. He loves to go see MeeMaw and Grampa and asks me every day if he's going to see them. He loves to talk on the phone and will carry the cordless phone around with him throughout the house talking to who-knows-who on it. Every once in awhile I'll hear a "bay-ball" or "ickey" thrown in there, so he's having a conversation with someone.


Mama and Daddy love you, Mase!


  1. He's beautiful - time flies and then you get a grown up 'Mandy'.... enjoy every moment - I know I am just by reading about Mason. Thanks for sharing him! Mommason Hillary

  2. Oh my goodness he is a cutie patootie! Where you at Hires? (LOVE that place...)

    Love his language - he is a little chatter box!

  3. I love all the words that they come up with to say things. He is just getting to be so old, wasn't it just the other day that we were preggers???

  4. so cute! 20 months was my favorite baby age! learning to speak so well and they seem to just get life! :)

  5. I'm still waiting for the video proof that your son is a Red Sox fan at heart ;)

  6. Your little, Mason is a doll and VERY smart! I can't believe he can say and understand so much.

    I hope your mom is okay! I am so happy you posted a pic of her--I miss her! Tell her hi and give her a hug from me.

  7. Nicole -- I love reading about your cute kids and family, too!

    Tib -- It was Hires! We love it too!

    Darci -- just wait, Gwen is going to talk your ear off, too!

    Cyndie -- It is a great age!

    Erin -- I don't know if I can commit to getting that on tape. :)

    Jen -- I will tell her hi from you!

  8. He is so cute! I love all the baseball words. My boys have no clue about sports- we never watch any.

    It's funny, because I've been reading your blog, and I just kept thinking he was a lot younger than my boys (no clue, maybe it's that cutie round baby face that I just want to squish!) but he's only 2 months younger than Christopher. They'll have lots of fun, we'll definitely have to get together- we should be out in Utah at Christmastime!



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