Tuesday, April 22, 2008


See that guy up there on that CD cover? I wouldn't know that he was someone famous if he rang my doorbell to deliver a package. But apparently he IS someone famous - a famous country singer, in fact. And I'm going to his concert on Saturday night!

My cousin invited me to go see him -- Dierks Bentley. I got his CD a few weeks ago and have been listening to it recently in preparation for the concert. Nothing is worse than going to a concert and not knowing any of the songs or anything about the artist (I'm thinking of the time in San Diego when I found myself FRONT ROW at a Prince concert and not knowing any of the songs -- besides "Strawberry Beret" and "Kiss" -- nor really being prepared for how tiny Prince is in real life, or just how many different shades of purple suits one man can own!).

So even though I know nothing of the guy - he's got some great songs and he's pretty good looking (even though I think he looks a tad like Will Ferrel in that picture on his CD cover). Should be a fun night!


  1. oh I've gotten to see him in concert!! We went and saw George Strait a few years back and he was there as well as what's her name.....Gretchen Wilson. My husband loved Dirks and Gretchen while I took in George Strait!

    Enjoy the concert!!

  2. I've heard of him, I know he's someone cool people listen to, and he was in concert near where I live not long ago...but I've never heard one of his songs, at least not to my knowledge. :-) I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Ohhh Erin! How little you know and how much you take for granite...for Dierks will open a new door to the world you have been missing! Ok, maybe not...but still we will have a blast!:)

  4. Country music...that explains why I have no clue who he is.

    I hope you have a great time! :)

  5. Country Music??? Erin what are you doing??? That is so UTAH. :)

    I wouldn't know who he is either, I just am not into country music.

  6. Oh, Erin: I'm so proud of you - going to a country music concert - and so jealous! I hear that Dierks puts on a really cool concert. But the big question is: Are Marc and Rett going with you? I can hardly wait to give Marc crap about going western. And do we get to babysit? Love, meemaw

  7. Sorry but Rett wouldn't stoop to that level...Bucky Covington just isn't his style!! :) (Secretly though i think he was jealous!) And i think Marc would say the same thing!



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