Sunday, April 20, 2008

coming up!

I've mentioned the Oh Sweet Sadie! art and gift show a few times on my blog ... it's the awesome boutique that first introduced me to Oneity and those great pajamas!

They have a couple more shows coming up soon and this time they're doing 2 different locations! May 2nd and 3rd in Herriman and May 9th and 10th in Draper. They've always got such an great selection of things so I wanted to make sure all you Utah people knew about it!

Get all the details about the shows at their website: They've also got some great contests going on - so go visit so you can get entered!


  1. So upset that they are not here in CA, look for cute stuff for me!!!

  2. Ooo I am going to have to check that out. If you like it, I am sure I will too :)

  3. Wished I lived in Utah so I could go!

    I LOVED "The Office" last week too! it was so funny! I am SO, SO happy that show is back!



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