Thursday, April 24, 2008

bigger. stronger. faster.

Today my mom is having knee surgery to hopefully fix her bum knee. She's been in a lot of pain with it over the past few years and so it's finally time to try to get it fixed -- she has a very active grandson she needs to keep up with. If you know her and want to (or even if you don't, and you're just a super nice person) leave her a message in my comments here and I'll print them out and paste them into a "Get Well Soon, Elaine" card for her.


  1. Get Well Soon Elaine!!! Thanks so much for your kindness with Gwenie and love. hope it goes well so that you can run around with Mase all day, he is such a cutie!!


  2. I hope you get well soon! And to let
    you know that we are all thinking
    about you.

    Love, Quinn

  3. Hope you're up and running around with Mason really soon, *Auntie Lane!* =) Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Love from Alabama-
    David, Lisa, Ben and Chris

  4. I thought you were going to 'need' a replacement - not a 'knee' replacement! Hey baby - I can think of more fun things to replace - just call me! Hope you have good drugs, I know you have a good hubby, children, son-in-law and the cutest grandson in your family. Can I paint your toenails? Recover fast - there are clubs to hit. (ok so I can't name any right off the bat but I'll think about it..) Love my Lainer! Mommason Hillary

  5. I hope everything went well and she heals quickly :)

  6. I hope everything went well and she heals quickly :)

  7. Get well soon Aunt Elaine! That doesn't sound fun...maybe you and my mom should have had your surgeries on the same day so you could hang out crippled together!! Hope you feel better, love you!!!

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and thoughts. The scope went well, and I'm off the crutches already. The stitches come out tomorrow, and I'm hoping the doctor will tell me that all is well. After all, I have a darling two-year-old grandson to keep up with. Love, elaine



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