Saturday, March 22, 2008

woo hoo!

So it all started with some pajamas.

In December, my friend Autumn and I went to this boutique in our neighborhood. We found these adorable plaid patchwork pajamas that we both wanted for our sons' Christmas Eve pajamas. Silly us, we didn't think the pajamas would be so popular and so we passed on snatching them up the first time we saw them. Later on, we were saying that we'd better go back to get the pajamas since we both really liked them. So, second time to the boutique - of course the size we both wanted (2T) wasn't there anymore. We read on one of the tags that the store, Oneity, had a brick and mortar store up in Holladay. So, we packed my kid in the car, dropped her kid off at home, and made the drive to Holladay.

Of course, they didn't have the right sizes. The girl working there said they had been really popular and selling quickly - plus they had taken a ton out to this boutique in Daybreak and maybe we should try going out there. We said we had just come from there and they were all out, too!

So we decided we'd go back to the boutique, scour ALL the sizes again, look at the one on the mannequin, look under the table, etc. So, back to the boutique (3rd time in the day) - we were now on a mission! I think the people working the boutique thought we were crazy, especially when I partially undressed Mason in the middle of the living room to see if the size they had there would fit him.

Luckily - we both found some that worked for us - Auti ended up getting a bigger size so that her Miles' could grow into them ... and I ended up getting an 18-24 month, and just not drying them in the dryer so they wouldn't shrink. Luckily, Mason isn't too tall. And wasn't it worth it:

the first look

I LOVE them. It's going to be tough next year to find some pajamas that measure up to the cuteness of these! And doesn't Miles look adorable in his, too? So ever since that fiasco I've been in love with Oneity. The cute store in Holladay, the adorable clothes, the wonderful mission and idea behind the store. I only wish they'd carry more boys clothing!

So last week they had a contest on their blog for a giftcard to Paradise Bakery. Oneity is looking to expand to a second store (yay!) and is possibly going to be sharing walls with Paradise Bakery. I know they're building a PB out here by my neighborhood so I'm really hoping that's the location that Oneity is looking into also! So, I entered the contest - and I won! I swear I never win anything! Especially not anything as cool as a gift certificate to a yummy bakery from an awesome company.

So what a great way to start off my Easter weekend - finding out about that yesterday afternoon! It only makes me love both those places all the more! And to think that I wouldn't have ever even found out about Oneity if it weren't for their dang cute pajamas!


  1. 1. The pajamas are the cutest! I want a pair for me!

    2. I have never been to Oneity but I will for sure check it out.

    3. I never win anything either - I should have entered ;)

  2. Cute Cute Cute - the kid and the jammies. Way to go on your big win! By the way - I vote for the painted rocks in your garden - then your mom and I can come and 'rock out'.... Happy Easter - wear Jammies and eat ham. Mommason Hillary

  3. I saw you walk by my house this afternoon.

  4. Good for you, that is awesome that you won the contest. The PJS are the cutest things ever!!!

  5. How awesome! Congrats on the win- that's one thing I miss about Utah, the mmmmm... bakeries!! For some reason, the South is severely lacking....

    Those PJ's are so cute, I want them! I'm loving that store's site... wishing I had a girl, though- for all those cute dresses!

  6. Those jammies are so cute. They have a few more boy things right now that I really like. Congrats on winning. I'm excited to find out where the new location will be.



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