Thursday, March 6, 2008

room stuff.

So Mason has something exciting to share with you: he got a new bed! I'm hating calling it a "big boy" bed because I'm not quite ready for him to be a big boy yet. I don't know what possessed us to buy this cute little toddler bed other than it was cheap and in brand new shape (thank you, Craigslist!). We brought it home on Sunday and assembled it, thinking we'd just store it in the guest room downstairs for another 6 months or so until he started climbing out of his crib. But we underestimated the amount of excitement and sheer love Mason would have for his new bed. He immediately climbed into it (yes, in the middle of the family room) and didn't want to get out. So we really had no choice but to move it to his room and take down the crib.

he has 2 favorite blankets.

Even though it's the same size as his crib (uses the same mattress) because it's shorter it makes his room SO much bigger. We moved his bookshelves around and now he has a huge area in the middle to play -- and play he does. I don't think we've left his room since Sunday night for more than a few minutes.

vroom vroom

I took some pictures of him in his room yesterday because I wanted to try and remember how much he loves his room right now and how proud he is of all his stuff. Every night he'll take Marc by the hand and lead him upstairs to his room and show him his stuff as if Marc has never seen it before. He's so proud of it. At first I was going to wait until I had his room painted (when it gets warmer outside), or had his stuffed animals organized better (I hate the shelf of stuffed animals), or had his new bed comforter bought (I'm still deciding on one), or had new window treatments up (waiting on the decision on the bed stuff) but then I thought of a great post by Brooke that reminded us to live in the NOW and enjoy this time with our kids. So I took the pictures of his room as-is, and every time I look at them I see how happy he is and how he's in such a great, lovable phase right now at his young 18 months.

his shelf.

have you seen my stuff?!

Funny story about those two blue blankets you see around him all the time. I'd always heard about babies and their "loveys" -- you know, the blanket or toy or random item they're super attached to and won't go anywhere without? Well, I was determined that Mason wouldn't have one of these items, so I bought him two cute, cuddly blankets when he was born and would switch them out from time to time - I thought so that he wouldn't get *too* attached to just one. Well, that backfired on me and he now has TWO loveys that go everywhere with him. He just drags each one along in each hand. Thankfully, he seems ok with the fact that I tell him the loveys have to stay at home and don't go in the car - so at least I'm not having to keep track of two blankets out in public!

don't you have a moon in your room?

I'd love to see pictures of everyone else's kids rooms ... or their houses ... or whatever they want to post pictures of that helps them remember the NOW. We're always complaining that we wish that spring would hurry up or that our upcoming trip would come faster or like Brooke said, just generally getting caught up in the frustrations of motherhood and the craziness of life and forgetting to enjoy our kids NOW, today.

You can see more pictures of his room in the set on Flickr. Also many of the photos have "notes" where I've labeled what specific things are, if you're interested.


  1. First....I LOVE your new blog look. It's so bright and springish! It makes me happy.

    Second...I think that's the same exact bed we have Aidan in. I wasn't ready to make the transition either, but we sort of needed the crib for Avery so we didn't have much choice. I love his room. It's really cute. I love seeing little glimpses into your home...its decorated so cute. I like that idea of posting pictures of rooms in your home. I'll have to do that soon.

  2. I love the new blog look also, you will have to show me how to do headers when you get here, I changed mine to get the look of summer, i love it.

    The new big is so cute and I can't wait to see what you do with everything. MAson looks so grown up it is so crazy.

  3. Erin,
    It was so good to hear from you. Your little Mason is such a chunck-a-roo like my Logan...I love it! They grow up too makes me sad:( I'm glad to see that you are doing so well. Love your blog...keep in touch:)

    Jess Bryner (Rasmussen)

  4. Mason's room is adorable! And how funny is that blue blanket story?! I had a blue blanket too. Except it was a full sized blanket that fit a two bed. I dragged that thing around everywhere. The thing is -- I still have mine. It lives in the linen closet. It's held up really well. Ha ha

  5. HOLY COW! I love your blog! Your mom let me peek at it and now it is on my favorites list. YOU are a beautiful and amazing mom! I think I have a crush on Mason.... I felt like I could just pinch those cheeks - in those pictures. I can't wait to keep up with the pics and news. Gotta go get an in-and-out burger now and top it off with chocolate chip pancakes! Proud of you! Long lost Nicole.... Mommason Hillary

  6. Mason's room is super cute. Elliott's room is yellow and I just love it - so bright and cheery. If only it didn't have a giant television hanging on the wall. The sacrifices I make for my boys! :)

  7. super cute room, i love it. mason is such a cutie, he's getting so big! i have to agree with enjoying every moment. i can't believe my girl will be 4 in a couple of weeks! it goes way too fast!

  8. I love this! :) You can just tell by his cute little face how much he loves his room. Beautiful pictures!!! I need to do this too.

  9. Julie: Thanks, Ju. :)

    Darci: I can't wait to paint his room!

    Jess: I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Erin: I can't believe you still have yours! I couldn't imagine Mason's holding up that long! :)

    Nicole: I'm so glad you found my blog, too! Your family is so cute and I love your little cute posts about all your fun stuff!

    Annie: I can't decide between green and yellow for Mason's room! The yellow is so cheery!

    Cyndie: Four years old is SO old! :) She's such a cutie, too!

    Brooke: You should do it! I bet your kids rooms are adorable!

  10. Random you know Jordan & Paul from the OH Happy Day Blog?? I just noticed it on your blog role and Paul used to work with Tucker. Just curious. She's so creative!

  11. Julie: I don't know Jordan. I just wish I did! Isn't she amazing?!

  12. Erin, Mason's little bed is so cute, and his room is darling. I just love how you have decorated it. Mason is such a cutie, and you take amazing photos.



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