Monday, March 3, 2008

Mason <3's reading.

to be taller, two.

This kid loves books. As you can see, he uses a stack of Dad's old textbooks in the front room to be tall enough to spot airplanes and the garbage truck outside. He knows where my cookbooks are kept in the kitchen, and will thumb through the pictures when I'm cooking dinner. He has a little stash of books in almost every room in the house, and he constantly carries them over to you and asks "ree?? ree?".

pointing and reading.

A few weeks ago I kept catching him in his room sitting next to his bookshelf and leaning against the wall to read. It was the perfect little space for a reading nook - so a few pillows and a handmade quilt later, he has the perfect little toddler reading space. He LOVES it. He plops down there anytime he's in his room, and loves that he has a big stack of books right next to him.


A writer for the Cookie Magazine online blog, Nesting, saw one of my reading nook photos on Flickr and asked me if she could use it in an upcoming story! The story is out today -- we're the third picture down. I'm honored to be up there with so many other beautiful reading spaces. Mine looks kind of schmaltzy up there with so many beautiful rooms and reading nooks! But it's still exciting. :)


  1. That is so awesome that she contacted you and put it in her article. I was bummed that it wasn't a picture with Mason in it though. I will totally have to do that also for Gwenie, she loves to sit and flip though pages of her books.

  2. You take such great pictures. I love that first one of Mason standing on the textbooks. I love this idea of making a little nook and you've inspired me to do this in my kids' room next to their book shelf. I might even have to go buy some cute pillows to spruce it up a bit. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being featured on that cute blog. Quite impressive!

  3. The Cookie Nesting blog is SO horrible!!!! :) In a "sucks you in and makes you want to craft, shop or create like crazy" kind of way!!!!! Congrats for being highlighted!!!!!!! I think yours is the coziest looking! Which is THE most important aspect in creating a reading nook....wouldn't you say? :)

    P.S. I second the compliment on your pictures! You've definitely got talent!

  4. What a cute post and such CUTE pictures! I loved it!

  5. That's so exciting! You really do take amazing photos. And it's wonderful that Mason likes to read so much! I'm always baffled by people who don't like to read. They miss out on so many great stories and ideas!

  6. Hi! It's Julie's cousin Brooke. :) I agree, love your photos and your book nook. How cool is that to be featured on that blog, I'll have to check it out. What a cute boy you have and I love the feet shots. :)

  7. Wow, you really take amazing pictures! Mason is so freakn' cute!!

  8. P.S. Did you make that quilt?? I want to learn to quilt! Lets get together and have a quilting party! You can teach me!

  9. Those are darling. Love the lighting on your pics. Cute.

  10. Darci: I was sad that it didn't have Mason in it either, I sent her 2 pictures, and she used the one without him. :(

    Julie: Thanks! IKEA is the best for pillows, and fabric to make pillow cases!

    Amy: I know, it's horrible, huh? ;)

    Jen: Thanks!

    Erin: I know, I just don't understand how people don't want to read or don't like to read!

    Brooke: Thank you!

    Jill: I do know how to quilt, but I didn't make that one. I can make easy things ... but I'll definitely show you sometime ... it's so easy!

    Michelle: Thank you! I completely envy your photography skills so a compliment from you means a ton!

  11. Such cute pictures, I love the reading nook. That is such a great idea.



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