Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I love American Idol. Love it. This season I've even got Marc watching it with me and even though he won't admit to liking it - he watches it with me and comments on the contestants and their songs. Tonight he missed it, but when he got home he asked me how it was and who was good and bad. He can't deny it!

I like little David Archuleta - not only because he's from Murray, Utah, but because he's a cute kid and an awesome singer. It was unfortunate tonight though, because as soon as his song started, this is what was in my head:

We literally watched the movie "Hot Rod" LAST NIGHT. Not even kidding. I could not get that scene out of my head the whole time he was singing. It is such a funny scene in the movie - so random - and then to have him choose that song. So ironic. So funny. The movie is pretty good, too. Typical Saturday-Night-Live cast member (Andy Samberg) branching out and trying to do a movie - but he actually pulled it off, if you're not expecting too much out of the movie. Which I wasn't. But how funny that some random, never-heard-before song pops up in my life twice in the span of 24 hours?

My favorites from tonight: David C (my pick to win it all, LOVE him), David A (whoever that girl he had in the audience looked mortified!), Jason, Carly (my 2nd pick to win it all).

So-so: KLC (although I think she pulled a cheap trick singing that song), Michael (I did not need to see his chubby stomach though), Syesha, Brooke (wasn't her hair gorgeous tonight?)

Needs to leave, pronto: Chikezie (unless he gets back to the fun, upbeat Chikezie) & Ramiele.

Who else is watching this season?

Now I can't get that dang song out of my head!


  1. I haven't seen that movie - but I must say that I didn't recognize several of the songs that were sung tonight! I think ramiele is the next to go - she is just forgettable to me. David A needs to stop listening to his dad - his dad is pulling him down! I think Simon was making a jab at him tonight when he said that he didn't pick that song.

  2. Tib: I got the impression that's what Simon was saying, too. Either that's what's really happening or the poor dad is getting a bad rap!

  3. American Idol rots your brain! n_n

    But honestly I can't stand that show. I get insanely bored after like...the first five seconds of it.

  4. That is pretty crazy. I love David, but have not been impressed with his past three performances--he better step it up because I would like to see him go far!

    I LOVED David C. tonight. WOW! I would love to see him win it--especially after tonight!

    I don't like Checkzie or Jason Castro. His hair grosses me out!

    Anyway, I LOVE Mason's pajamas--they ARE darling.

    Congrats on winning the giftcard. I think you win things--I remember when you won a "Nirvana" CD from the radio in 10th grade--do you remember? We loved that CD :)!

    Finally, good luck with the garden thing. I can't wait to hear more about it. I would love to start gardening. I keep thinking about it, now if only I could start doing something about it :)!

  5. Jenny: Well, I read blogs while I'm watching it ... does that cancel out some of the brain-rotting? Or add to it!? :P

    Jen R: Was it Nirvana? For some reason I was thinking the CD I won was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? Ha ha ha! I was actually going to mention in my post the last time I won anything was in the 10th grade, but I forgot to!

  6. I'm sorry - I didn't know that anyone else besides David C & Mr. Murry High School Musical were even IN the competition. (Alright - I love Brooke - she needs to sing a down right dirty nasty song though - tooooo pretty in pink songs.) I have to admit - I loved the rocker that left - she was like a breath of fresh listerine... she must own a tongue scraper... Times are getting tough. Maybe if they all had a pair of cute jammies....

  7. Sorry, this is one thing that I do not do. Everyone else watches but I just can't get into it, I don't know why.

  8. Somehow I missed Michael John's belly! I'll have to go back to the DVR. :)

  9. Hot Rod is a very funny movie. I forgot that song is in it. We're HUGE David A. fans (Murray pride), but I also really like Carly and David C. I'd be thrilled if any of those 3 won. I'm really glad that Chikezie went home last night. It was definitely the right decision.



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