Thursday, March 20, 2008


We dyed Easter eggs today. Well, my brother and I did while Mason chewed on the little egg-dipper thing. They turned out pretty even though they're splotchy and had weird black marks on them (from the pot I boiled them in, most likely.) We may do another batch on Saturday, though, since Marc didn't get to participate and he said he felt left out. Plus, we only did 9 eggs - we need more than that for a good serving of egg salad sandwiches for an Easter day lunch!

eggs again.


  1. What a cool picture! We're doing this today with my mom. I LOVE egg salad sandwiches. Hope you have a GREAT easter!

  2. We are doing our eggs tomorrow! Love the picture :)

  3. Did you know that you were the big winner of the ONEity Paradise Bakery contest?? I'm SO jealous. We just went there for dinner tonight. If you need someone to share that $50 gift card with, give me a call! Congrats!

  4. Big Winner? Wow-ie !!! Let's to go lunch..... mom



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