Sunday, March 16, 2008


A wonderful thing happened today: baseball was on TV in our house for the first time in 2008! And not just any baseball, either, our beloved Anaheim Angels. Mason got all decked out for the occasion:

waiting for baseball season to begin.

We've been encouraging him to wear his cap for the past couple of weeks in hopes that he'll get used to it and actually want to wear it. It's a little bit big and so sometimes it droops down in front of his eyes and so he has to tip his head backwards to try and see out from underneath it. So funny.

So today a spring training game was on TV - unfortunately right during naptime so we DVR'd the whole 3 hours to show him later. Right before bedtime we remembered we wanted to show him, so we put it on and let me tell you he could barely contain his excitement. This was him:

"bay-ball?" -points to the tv, looks questioningly at me-

"bay-ball?!" -points to the tv, points to the Angels logo on his pajamas, looks excitedly at Marc-

"BAYYYY-BALLLL???!!!" -starts running around the family room swinging his bat and throwing his baseball off the walls, putting both arms up in the air and shouting "hoooo-ruuuuunnn!", searching frantically for his mitt and his cap-

So maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to show him right before bedtime, as it got him all souped up and wanting to watch the whole 3 hour game. I had to drag him away from it and believe me - he wasn't happy about it.

I think tomorrow we'll be trading in Backyardigans for some tape-delayed, spring training, B-squad Angels baseball.


  1. Oh my goodness - he is so stinkin cute. I am so excited for baseball season to start. I am a Mariners fan though - I hope we can still be friends ;)

  2. SO cute! I am happy he likes the Angels and baseball as much as you guys do (does he have a choice :)!)

    Sorry about the Utah weather--I am EXTREMELY happy not to be living there right now. At least your summer will be awesome and we will be down here boiling!

  3. I love his oversized hat that falls down over his eyes. So cute. Aidan is WAY into baseball right now also...they'd be good buddies. We really should get together sometime!

  4. Too Cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hope you come back soon!!

    I'll be back around here, too...

  5. How adorable. I loved this post!

  6. Your son is to cute. One year we had my daughter dress in a Patriots Cheerleader outfit with a Patriots Santa Hat for our Christmas card. The only way we could get it taken was to put her in the sled at the photo studio! I remember when my daughter was that little. Enjoy these times they go by really quick!

  7. Running around the living room waving hands and yelling? Are we talking about Mason or Grandma Pitbull? Either way - I love them both. Cute little Angel!

  8. I love all the Angels. I have had a dress for Gwenie to wear since she was little for this season when we take her to her first game so excited!!! MAson looks so great all decked out.



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