Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Loves Disco.

We have a cute little community center in our neighborhood that offers different free classes and activities and programs. One that Mason and I go to is the Mommy and Me Music class on Friday mornings. It's kind of like a Gymboree class -- they play music and read books and do songs with hand motions and then at the end get out the huge parachute (remember those from elementary school?!) and we spin the kids around on it. It's pretty neat to go to - Mason loves the other kids and it gets us out of the house doing something fun for a few hours.

If only that picture was a video, because Mason was totally rockin' out right there. I think the song was the Kidz Bop version of JT's "My Love", which ironically, is a song that gets me rockin' out too, so, like mother like son, I guess. Not the Kidz Bop version, though, that one just makes me want to hit myself repeatedly in the head with a plate. (No, seriously, have you HEARD Kidz Bop? Yikes!)

This is the "Mom, could you please put away the camera?" look. Also known as the "You're the only one here taking pictures and you're embarrassing me in front of the ladies!" look. Get used to it, kid, get used to it.

Later, we met Gramma for lunch where Mason entertained us with his "I've superglued my lips together" look:

As well as his "This is what you are going to get when you ask me to look at you one more time with that lens shoved in my face when I'm trying to eat chicken nuggets" look:

Keeps me on my toes, that one.


  1. annie: you and Elliot should come one Friday!

  2. Sounds fun. I can't believe they're FREE! Mason is so cute. I love all his funny faces.

  3. I can't figure out who Mason looks like more...for sure a lot of Fassler in there! I see you when you were little...and is it a little of Marc i am seeing?? He is so freakn' cute!!:)

  4. I love all the faces. I just laughed because Gwen totally gets those looks because I am the only one that is always taking pictures!!!!! Go Angels!!!!

  5. Julie: Well, free in the sense that we pay for them through our HOA fees. :)

    Jill: I know, I think it's mostly Marc but his chubby cheeks are definitely all mine!

    Darc: We are totally the picture taking parents!



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