Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Around the Web.

- I've been cracking up for days over the website Stuff White People Like. It's hilarious - you have to go read it. Look for the Full List of Stuff White People Like - classic!

- Blogger Tiburon is hosting a great giveaway in celebration of her 500th post! It seems forever before I'll get to 500! Go congratulate her and enter yourself to win!

- For those of you that like free stuff (um, who doesn't?!) Natalie at 100% Cottam gave me the heads up that there's a new download available at Shabby Princess! It's called Promise, and it's all pretty and springy!

- One of my best internet friends, Erin from Erincooks.com alerted me to the fact that they're coming out with an Iron Chef game for the Wii! My favorite "reality" cooking show and favorite game system, combined? Sounds great!

- One of my favorite Salt Lake kids stores, Oneity, is donating a book to Room to Read for every comment left on this post. Go support a great cause (and while you're there, check out their adorable kids clothing. Especially for girls!)


  1. I love your new masthead! And thank you for the link :) I can't wait to play Iron Chef with you and of course that Smash Brothers game -- hopefully this weekend.

  2. What great websites. Thanks for sharing them. I LOVE Oneity and have my eye on several dresses there. That Iron Chef game sounds really cool. We'll have to get that one.

  3. I love Mason's room, by the way. You do a great job. I love how colorful it is. And organized. I am trying to organize my kids' rooms. You have inspired me.

  4. Thanks for the ideas!

    Love the Music class pics! I have done music class with both of my boys and they love it!

    Also, love Mason's room and bed (I won't say "big boy" bed :)!)

  5. Erin I can see you kicking some serious Iron Chef butt! Who would you play against? Flay?

    Julie Isn't Oneity the best? My only complaint is that they're 99% girl stuff and only a teeny bit boy stuff. Oh well, I'll just have to have a girl someday! And also, you guys should get the Super Mario Smash Brothers game ... it's super fun and you can play online against other people! (i.e. -- us!!)

    Heidi Thanks! I love lots of color everywhere in my house.

    Jenny Thanks for not calling it a big boy bed -- you understand, right? ;)



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