Monday, February 18, 2008

a walk.

When we first moved to Utah we went on a walk almost every single night. Right after dinner we'd pile Mason into the stroller, get the leash out for Newton, and go explore our new neighborhood. Then winter came and I just longingly looked at the jogging stroller sitting, unused, in the garage.

Today I was like "I don't care if we have to bundle up .. the thermometer hit 50 degrees, that's good enough for me! We're taking a walk!" Mason got a new wagon for Christmas and he was just ecstatic when he saw us taking it outside.

first ride in the wagon.

Look! The snow is even starting to melt a little! Who cares if it's revealing disgusting yellowed soppy grass underneath!

the snow is melting ...

We're going to California on April Fools Day (no joke) and I can't wait for warmer weather, the beach, Disneyland, and a good In N Out burger. Then, hopefully, we'll bring the warm weather back with us to Utah and it will be spring!


  1. I have been wanting that wagon forever, but have resisted the buy because where would I put it??? Can't wait til you guys get here and we can hang out again we have missed seeing you guys all the time.

  2. Here here!!! We're leaving for California tomorrow. Supposed to be 66-70*. Can't wait!

  3. your blog is adorable!!! and i love that you have a mason, too. and a marc. my dad's name is mark mason, so your family is right up my alley! ;)

  4. Good for you guys! It is funny that when you live in Utah, 50 degrees is warm! We are spoiled in AZ (like you were in CA!)

    Cute pics!

    --Jen Roper



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