Sunday, February 3, 2008

more white stuff.

The first thing I do most mornings (at least recently) is peek outside the blinds to see if it has snowed overnight. This morning, when I peeked under the blinds I was welcomed with a full wall of snow - so much that I couldn't even see outside. No, the snow had not made it all the way up to my second story window -- but we had gotten so much snow and wind overnight that the snow had stuck to my screen outside making it impossible to see through it!

we got A LOT of snow today

We got SO MUCH SNOW! They were saying on the news that it was some sort of freak western valleys of Utah storm. I don't remember seeing this much snow in one dropping in a LONG time. All I can say is thank goodness for kind neighbors with powerful snowblowers.

as tall as he is

Mason, of course, loved it. We bundled him all up and let him go outside while Marc attempted to shovel us out. He likes to karate-chop the snow and does so while saying "HIIII-YAAA!" We also let him lay in the snow to try to make his first snow angel. OK, we kind of tossed him in the snow and then took him out quickly because he started to get upset ... but it kind of looked like a snow angel.

snow angel

It was fun because all our neighbors were outside helping each other dig out and socializing and letting the kids run around. A few guys around have snowblowers -- they were the most popular guys on the block, and lucky for us, very kind and willing to share. At one point we saw a few kids walking down the sidewalk, one pushing a snowblower and the other one following him with a can of gasoline.

there's a golf club in there somewhere

I didn't have a yard stick, so I used a golf club to estimate how much snow we had on our driveway. A few feet at least. I can't wait until it's spring so I'm actually out using my golf clubs for what they are meant for!


  1. I love it! If it snowed like that here, Boston would shut down for a week. Cities in New England seem to be seriously inept when it comes to more than 3 inches of snow. Anyway, glad you guys had such a fun time playing in all of that fluffy white stuff!

  2. I was liking the snow for a little while, but we are all going stir-crazy now! Your little boy is so cute- I am so glad we can stay in touch through the blogging world!

  3. How crazy that your not that far from us and we only got a couple of inches yesterday. Mason looked like he enjoyed it though. Thank goodness for good neighbors with snow would have been there all day shoveling it all.

  4. I am so glad that I live in Cali, I would hate days like that. Mason looks super cute, can't believe he loves the snow so much.

  5. Hi Erin! I love your fabulous pictures, Mason is so cute. It really is crazy how much snow we've gotton lately! :) We're lucky to have neighbors with snow blowers too. It would take days to dig out!

  6. Wow, that is crazy! I don't miss the snow at all! (I am sorry, that sounded mean since your last post talked of your warm memories of CA!) At least you know what I mean--how did we live in Utah most of our lives and not be affected by the snow the way it seems to be now? I guess because we were kids. Anyway, cute pics!



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