Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flickr love

I love Flickr so much. I joined years ago when it was a start up little company and I was looking for a good place to store my pictures online. It's grown so much lately -even being bought out by Yahoo- and even though I miss the little tight-knit community it used to be (the creators would actually email you back personally!) I can't help but be proud of the little company that's done so well.

There is such a community on Flickr - everyone is so nice and people leave nice comments about your pictures. There are groups for everything you could imagine -- scrapbooking to dogs to Disneyland to felt food (this one is amazing - you have to go look!) to IKEA lovers to root beer to cupcakes to sunsets to pictures taken while driving to stick figures in peril. And those are just some of my favorites! Then there are the photographs -- oh the photographs are amazing! There are so many talented photographers out there, and so many wonderful people who share with you their creations and vision and talent. Here are some of my recent favorite photos I've come across (can you tell I'm on a colourful kick?!):

February favorites

There are so many great uses for Flickr: It's an awesome place to get ideas for any type of crafting (knitting, scrapbooking, wood crafts, etc). When we're going on a vacation I always search peoples tags for our destination so I can see tons of pictures of where we'll be. I have old friends that use it, so I can keep up with their kids and lives ... and I have new friends that use it, where I can see their inspiring pictures and get to know them a little better. I even run the official Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim group on Flickr!


  1. Looks like I would love it too, I will have to start using it.

  2. Who would have thought so many people made "felt food". I love it though. Thanks for sharing all the bright happy colors!

  3. hi there, here is your son's little book nook, so cute!

    thanks again,



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