Wednesday, February 6, 2008

fiiiish, fiiiish, fiiiish.

The other day we HAD to get out of the house so Mason and I called Granpappy and Mee-Maw (aka the Grandparents) to see if they wanted to check out the aquarium with us. It was a fun little place -- little being the operative word here. We went through the whole thing in about an hour, but it was perfect for Mason. Not too crowded, and plenty of room for him to walk around on his own (since he's still perfecting the whole walking thing).

checking out the fake river.

Mason especially loved the clown fish, the big crab, and the jellyfish. He wasn't too keen on wanting to touch the starfish or other creepy, squishy things in the hands-on areas. He loved splashing his hands in the Ray tank, though. It will only be a matter of time before he loves all things Biology just like his Daddy, I bet.

looking at some frogs.

I think we'll go back often - since my husband is a geeky biologist (he was mad that we went without him!) and the annual pass is a steep fifteen bucks! That's a great bargain! Who else has a pass (Heidi, Julie, Ginger, Michelle?) and would want to meet us there sometime?

at the aquarium.


  1. You guys needs to come to Boston and take Mason to the New England Aquarium :)

    Show him some real fish!

    PS: You always take the best photos. I have this crazy fancy camera now and I still have to take 700 shots before one looks half as good as your candid shots do. Please pass along a little photography mojo my way.

  2. That's funny 'cause I just told my husband we should take the kids this morning. Never been as of yet. Looks like fun though.

  3. What a fun day with Gram & Gramp. Halle's preschool went there last year for a field trip and although it is very small, it kept them very entertained...we haven't been back and I think Aidan would love it. We should meet there one day for sure. I forgot how cheap the pass is. You do take such great pictures!

  4. It looks like it so cute, we only have the really big one in Long Beach.

  5. Erin, We have passes too! I'd love to go with ya...and then onto IKEA...he he he. Just pray my car works this time. The pass is great because it didn't cost much more and it's a great 1-2 hour entertainment when you're poor in other arenas and bored too. We'll go real soon. Jason is dying to go to Brighton before the season ends...tell Marc.



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