Monday, January 14, 2008


(Read my previous post about volunteering at Sundance.)

Tomorrow is the beginning of my great Sundance experience. Well, except for the little meeting I went to about a month ago to choose my venue and enroll for my shifts.

Back in December I had to attend a meeting where I had to pick out my preferred venue and department. There was a list of about 20 different divisions I could "work" for ... from security to marketing to ticketing to press to human resources to volunteer services. Within these different divisions there were about 75 different jobs I could hold - from internal balloting to traffic control to information booth to credentials to crowd liason to setup/breakdown help.

I had a short list of requirements for the job I was going to pick -- one requirement, actually. It had to be inside. I don't mind having to walk outside from point A to point B to get to my venue ... but once I get there I am certainly going to be inside a warm place!


I decided on a job in the marketing department -- Merchandise Sales to be exact. Yup, that means my many years in retail is going to be paying off -- I hope -- I'm going to be schlepping Sundance '08 swag to the 45,000 tourists that are expected to descend on Park City this and next week. It doesn't really sound like the most glamorous job, but it met my one requirement (it's inside in a little store on Main Street) and it's something I think I'll be fairly good at (hey -- I don't have many marketable skills nowadays outside of changing diapers and appeasing a picky toddler appetite -- but I'll be damned that I can't fold a mean sweatshirt!!).

I almost went for a job in marketing called Volunteer Survey -- which according to the description meant I'd be walking around with a cool little survey tool asking people about their Sundance experience -- which sounded fun, until I associated the "walking around" with "outside in the cold". No thanks. From what I understood from the enrollment event lady, all the popular shifts get snapped up quickly by the Alumni Volunteers, who get first dibs on their shift preferences. Things like Volunteer, Filmmaker Lodge and At the Door Ticket Scanner -- jobs that I would bet have a high frequency of celebrity sightings. That's fine with me, though, I'm happy working in my little store with a zillion tourists selling mugs and sweatshirts and probably a frickin' lot of gel hand warmers.

So tomorrow is a two-part day for me. I have to first swing by the Park City Marriot to attend orientation -- which is where I'll get my welcome packet, credential, film vouchers and uniform. Then I have to go to my venue for training -- which is where I'll meet my direct supervisor and the other people that I'll be working closely with. Here's hoping for some cool new friends! I'm excited for my uniform, too, because supposedly it's a cool looking navy blue and black parka by Kenneth Cole - with a spiffy zip-out fleece vest. Free parka sounds good to me!

It's going to be a fun but crazy next few weeks!


  1. How fun are you! I'm totally jealous. I'd totally be one of those stalkerazzi photographers! Tucker and I love going up and catching a few shows. I'm a little tied to a baby this year so he's going on his own...I'll send him your way to buy me some 2008 swag! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!

  2. Goodluck. Great about the free jacket, I would be all over that.

  3. Ju,
    Definetly tell him to stop by -- I'd love to meet him again! I'm at the main festival store at 515 Main. I'm there both Sat and Sun this weekend! Wish you were going up, too! But I totally understand with Avery being so young!

  4. woohoo sounds fun! Better keep us updated!!!!



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