Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"no no no no no"

Mason had his very first taste of chocolate chip pancakes this morning for breakfast. I seriously only put about 5 chocolate chips in his pancake yet this is still the mess he was able to make. It cracked me up. It was all over both hands and smeared in his hair.

chocolate chip pancakes

I also got a video of him that captured him saying his new favorite word: "NO!" I really don't feel like I say it that much to him (partly because I'm good at redirecting him and partly because he really doesn't do much that's wrong or dangerous) so I'm not sure exactly where he picked it up. It probably doesn't help that it makes me laugh whenever he says it, because he says it in what sounds like a southern drawl ... all drawn out like "Nnneeeeeewwwwww". So funny. You can also see him doing the sign for "all done" (rotating his wrists, palms up and down) because he REALLY wanted to get out of the high chair and he REALLY did not want any milk. Also funny how he perks up when I mention a bath.


  1. I was laughing with the "no" thing it was great. I still haven't given Gwenie any sweets yet it will be interesting when I do.

  2. How funny. I was looking at your blog when you email popped up. I went on Julie's to see who she had and there you were. Fun to see how your little boy has grown since you posted him on the reunion thingy. He's a cutie. Love his Christmas pj's. (assuming that's what they were) Good to see ya. :)

  3. Erin, It is so good to hear from you. It sounds like you are doing really well and you look great. Mason is such a cutie, I swear I saw that picture of him in his PJ's on Oneity's website. Am I right? It really has been forever since we last talked to each other, I would love to catch up. My email is kim.shirley@hotmail.com

  4. Hey Erin! I am thrilled you found me and I have LOVED reading about your little family. Mason is soooo cute!

    So much fun that you guys are in Utah again--I am sure your mom loves it!

    I am excited to be able to keep in touch better--I will be checking back lots!

  5. Such a cutie! I love/hate when they learn that word! It's cute at first and then not so much! Aren't you a good mom to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Yummy!

  6. He is the ultimate little boy. I love the little swirling motion he makes with his hands t0 signal: "all done." I think I need to borrow someone's baby stat.

    PS: Was it truly only 5 chocolate chips? He looks like he bathed in Hershey's syrup ;)

  7. Hi. California is sounding pretty good right now, isn't it? Will the snow and cold ever end? I loved the big smile with the chocolate chip pancakes. He's so cute. You take such good pictures. This is a fun site to send out. Melissa



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