Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We went for a Sunday Drive ...

... and ended up in Idaho! Yeah, you can do that pretty easily here in Utah if you just head north on I-15. Neither Marc nor Mason had ever been to Idaho before ... so it was an exciting experience for them! If you can count barely crossing the border, driving through the tiny little town of Preston, and then back down through Logan Canyon exciting!

We did find the most awesome slides in Idaho:

Idaho has the best slides!

They were super long, and made out of this really slow plastic so you didn't go down them very fast. It was Mason's first time going down a slide all by himself! He loved it. He even stayed sitting upright the whole time down it!

Here he comes!

all by himself!

Then of course we had to spend some time on the swings ... since they're only like his most favorite thing, ever.

swinging is his favorite

I was taking a short little video of him swinging, because he was giggling so cute ... but then we had a near disaster towards the end of the clip because I got a little too close to him:

We had some dinner in Logan and then drove back home ... not a bad day for such a short little quick trip!

waiting with Dad


  1. Looks like so much fun. You take such great pictures, the coloring is really great. I can't believe those slides those are crazy.

  2. How fun and spontaneous you guys are! Tucker and I used to do that all the time when we were dating and first married. Those slides look so fun! Mason is such a cute boy!



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