Monday, December 3, 2007


We had our first big snowstorm this weekend ... it started snowing late Friday night and kept going until late Saturday afternoon. We even had to go buy a snow shovel quickly because we didn't own one and kind of forgot we would need one.

Before the storm:

before the storm

And after the storm:

after the storm

You can see that our sidewalks weren't cleared yet but the snowplow had been down the street a few times.

Our lake isn't frozen yet ... I wonder if they allow ice skating on it when it does freeze?

oquirrh lake

We have a gorgeous view of the mountains .. when you can see them and they're not covered by clouds, that is.



  1. You don't get that kind of scenery here in Cali. Looks gorgeous, but super cold.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Erin! They almost make me like all this snow!!



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