Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas ...

We're in full swing getting ready for Christmas around here ... wrapping presents, re-wrapping presents ...

dont hide the dogs presents under the tree

This is a reminder to not think that the dog's too dumb to figure out that you wrapped a box of treats for him and put it under the Christmas tree ... he WILL sniff it out and he WILL tear into it when you're out for the day!

Now that we live in a neighborhood with actual neighbors that we know and like (opposed to Condo complexes where you never really get to know your neighbors) I needed to come up with neighbor gifts! I made these little treats of pretzels with a Hershey kiss on top, melted for just a minute in the oven, then topped with a red or green M&M. They were very easy to make - just time consuming to make so many of them! Hopefully everyone likes them!

neighbor gifts

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